Upcoming ICPSwap SNS decentralization

Thanks for the reply! Sir!

So, is this “uhtu…rae” not your Principal ID? According to your feedback, the approval error occurred with this account. And our response also indicates that the ICP balance is still in this account.

However, you later provided another Principal ID: “c4hn6-fis5f-4bzbh-zboly-pow5p-a6l6y-awhf5-hkc3n-tcw2v-7mu5g-jae.” Is this another issue? or have you confused two wallet addresses that you own?

I only sign in ICS with my internet ID,
The uhtu…rae, I don’t know what that is. And if the transaction was made on the ID, then the returned fund may be in that wallet.

I am look to see which wallet that it.


The address above is from ICS. I used that address to send ICP from OpenCHAT wallet to ICS.

is my principal ID.

is address i got from ICS to transfer my ticket from OpenCHAT to ICS.

Thank you for clarifying, sir.

You can log into this wallet (uhtu…rae), connect to ICPSwap, and you will find the ICP balance you mentioned inside.

I basically don’t know what that wallet is. But I will look around and find that wallet and give you a feed back.
Thank you for the support.

My second issue, why am I not legible to claim ICS rewards? I got the support team to help me on telegram but no success. Can you look into this for me?


1/ Ok! Thank you, Sir!

2/ Based on your Principal “c4hn6…”, I’ve checked, and yes, you have the ICS token airdrop eligible. However, the ICS tokens are not yet available, so you won’t see them in your balance at the moment.


The statement above is to accolade you for your great expertise in troubleshooting and resolving ICS problems.

I have found my lost token in Stoic wallet. I never signed in with that wallet but I can remember I used that wallet sometimes ago when trying to claim nft airdrop on ICS.

However the coin got there I don’t know but the good thing is that, you helped me find my coins.

Thank you.

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Thank you. You are a real ICS Tech.

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Thank you so much, Sir! It’s great to hear that we’ve resolve your issue!

Sometimes, messages on Telegram pass by quickly, and your question might be complex, cannot be explained clearly in one or two sentences, so your problem cannot be completely solved at that time. We apologize for any inconvenience, and we will continue to improve our support. In the future, if you encounter more technical issues, you can provide additional background information via “contact@icpswap.org” to receive more personalized assistance.

Once again, thank you for your support! Have a fantastic weekend ahead!

I’m really glad to see that your problem was resolved. It was nice to see you express appreciation for the assistance you received here. Would you please consider editing your prior comments where you accused the ICP Swap of stealing ICP while labeling yourself as a Researcher ICP Investor? It seems like the right thing to do since @ICPSwap spent so much time troubleshooting your problem. That way other people will know from the beginning of the thread that you are not making false accusations, but instead are just seeking help.


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Thank you so much, Wenzel, for your care and support!
We are also happy that DigitaSoja will have better experience on ICPSwap.
Proud to have all of the friendly warm-hearted mates in this IC community. We are stronger together!


No problem @ICPSwap. I’m really impressed with how you handled the comments and troubleshooting for @DigitaSoja. Very diplomatic and professional. Well done.

Good luck on your upcoming SNS.


Is the source code for the front end open sourced?

It is absolutely crucial for SNS that all canisters to be open sourced so that we can verify the code.

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It is not necessary, and front-end code changes and updates too frequently.

That is a false statement, please review the [SNS checklist] (SNS preparation checklist | Internet Computer) again and adapt accordingly.

  1. Technical prep & testing
    2.2. Open sourcing
    If the dapp is not already open sourced, it should be open sourced before the SNS launch - actually before the decentralisation proposals are created.

That is fine the community can review all changes that happens even if too frequently.

Hello, sir. Yes, indeed, both our frontend and backend code will be open-sourced for your review. It’s coming soon!

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Hello IC fam, The security audit report for ICPSwap and the sns_init.yaml updates are here. Please check! We’ll open-source the code for ICPSwap next Monday. After the SNS, we’ll continue to conduct regular security audits on the ICPSwap code to ensure the safety of user assets.

March 10th Update:
The backend code for ICPSwap has been open-sourced, and the frontend code will soon.

March 11th Update:
The frontend code for ICPSwap has been open-sourced!


Sir, A quick update for you, both the frontend and backend code of ICPSwap have been open-sourced.


Thank you very much. Appreciate the effort :pray:

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