The State and Direction of Decentralization & Nodes on the Internet Computer

@sagcryptoicp, thanks for your message and great to see that you are interested in becoming a node provider.

Please have a look at the wiki information for becoming a Node Provider, and see if this answers your questions: Main Page - Internet Computer Wiki. Feel free to post any remaining questions here on in the forum thread on New Node Provider Proposals ( for the community to respond to.

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So I understand that the new node does not need an IPV4 address for the time being, because the official document only reflects the mask, prefix and gateway address of IPV6 in the node’s config.ini configuration file, and does not mention how to configure the public network IPV4 address.
I don’t know if what I understand is correct, thank you very much @icarus @hoosan

Yes, it is not required for now. But soon it will be required with ETH integration I believe.

Hello Everyone,

I trust you’re doing well. I’m in the process of registering a new Data centre in Vilnius, Lithuania. I aim to onboard a number of nodes in the coming months.

Check out my proposal on the ICP Dashboard: Proposal: 124534 - ICP Dashboard

Should you need more details or have questions, please feel free to contact me. Your support and votes for my proposal are greatly appreciated!

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Hello, can you please tell me, I don’t see Kazakhstan here, which mult(g) should I use ? 3 as for Asia?

Hi @mrpablo there currently is no entry in the remuneration table for Kazakhstan so it is not possible to add node machines in Kazakhstan. There currently are blog posts and discussion regarding the future IC topology on the forum (see IC topology series - Node diversification part I and IC topology - Node diversification part II). Based on these, a motion proposal will be submitted for discussion and voting by the community, which might take into account adding new countries to the remuneration table. Hope this answers your question.


Can it be placed on the territory of Ukraine? Does it belong to Europe?

HI @mrpablo that was not the intention of the remuneration proposal when the community voted this in. I suggest to wait for the motion proposal that is coming up in the next few weeks.

@SvenF In few weeks will the rewards and countries be changed?

@mrpablo that will depend on the community voting on the upcoming proposals, but I would expect updates coming up yes.

@SvenF If I put one node in Spain and the second in France, I do not fall under the reduction factor? I will receive the full 1542+1542 for each node?

Is the reduction factor to the Country, City or date center?

Hi @mrpablo, the reduction coefficient is currently per node provider per country.

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Hi all, I looked at the distribution map of node runners and the location of existing data centers and found that no node providers or data centers exist within China, is it because no one is going to do this or is the network environment within China not able to join the icp’s network?

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Abit of insight, china is a closed internet economy, you can not deploy any internet-related services without being registered as a business in the country. For that, you need to be a citizen. Even if you check all the tick boxes. The firewall is going to block almost all the connections going out, and for that, you need special approval.

HongKong is belong to China, in HongKong you can.

So if I need to deploy a node inside China, I need to go to the government and apply for my network to be unrestricted or connected to the outside world through a dedicated line?

I wonder if it’s feasible for me to go through a dedicated line? Has anyone else tried it?

@SvenF Does the presence of Subnets affect rewards for node providers?
If a node has awaiting subnet status, does it still get rewards?

Hi @mrpablo, yes, nodes that are awaiting to enter a subnet also get the node rewards.

@dominicwilliams @Jan @zire @diegop @domwoe @SvenF
What is the priority, roadmap, and MORE for “Decentralized GPU node” ?
After all, time and opportunity don not wait anyone!

If the board can do this to Sam, they can do it to any OpenAI customer(Including but not limited to YOU, ME, and MORE)!!!

Seize or Lose?!
We should seize the time and opportunity to contact them and relevant personnel, resources, and more!!!

Thank you very much!

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