$TENDY token DIP20 to ICRC1 swap

$TENDY (tendys) has made the move to icrc1!

TENDY team will open a DIP20/ICRC1 swap pool on ICPSWAP on December 15, 6pm USA Central time.

The new token has a total supply of 88,000 tokens, and will be put in a pool 1:1 with the old DIP20 tokens.
The pool will be opened with 80% of the supply whole team will hold 20% of the supply for an upcoming proposal.


Dip20 tendys has “a lot” (relative to its Mc) of locked liqduitiy with many different ic projects. In order to not depreciate those pools, the Icp/TENDY liquidity will remain in the Dip20 pools.

We (team) will only be operating a dip20tendy/icrc1tendy swap pool at this time. This is to ensure our users can redeem their held tokens with as little difficulty as possible.

We will migrate the ICL, CHAT, ICYPEES, SPICE, SNEED & DKP pools that we control to the new icrc1 standard at launch.

The canister ID has been distributed to certain teams for listings but it will be announced publicly on Twitter and on this forum chain around 5:45 central time tommorow.
The token is currently live on main net with only 1 test tx.

Is our git hub. Soon we will push the code to this git link.

If anybody has any questions or comments or concerns this is the thread.

Special thanks to: ICPSWAP, ANVIL, SONIC SWAP, ICPCOINS, (redacted) and SNEED TEAM
For making this possible.

Token migration went very well thank you all

Tendies in your image not Tendys. Carefull your ASA 1099533497 is showing. lol

What is that?

We are Tendies (ticker: $TENDY)

I googled asa 1099533497 and got this link

Correct. It is an Algorand Standard Asset created on April 7 2023. And i have only notice you refer to the project here in past posts as Tendys not Tendies.

yet when i point out a project that was created on another blockchain that i also govern that was created at roughly the same time as this acount in the developer forum and then i see this

it really makes me wonder since i posted this to see your response. Which i anticipated would be "We are Tendys (ticker $Tendy)

The token is litteraly called tendies.

We were born out of icypees have you seen any of the dapps?

I feel like you don’t even know what tendys is?

I refer you to our dapp,

If you didn’t know this, tendies is a colloquialism for chicken tenders, and there are numerous memes and projects that use that term.

And this is a new dev forum account because my old account got banned for drunk posting.

“International waters”
Was my previous dev forum account

Also, our Telegram* is litterallly @ictendies

yeah i found out about the colloquialism you mention from the ASA. It literally used that definition as its website address. lol

Algorand Tendies Token Tendies (algoexplorer.io)

And fair enough on your usage of both Tendies and Tendys. Why the usage of two different spellings like that?

One is the name one is our ticker.

I have never used algorand. There are also many eth tokens named tendies.

Litteraly just dmd you all of our literature.

Yeah, got it. Thanks