TENDY bounty 1: 100 ICP bounty for motoko project

We are looking for a well Versed motoko dev to help us finish our OPEN SOURCE dapp.

Dapp is currently deployed across 4 canisters and live, but seems not to work and there are some functions that we cannot fix ourselves. This bounty would award 100 Icp tokens to the dev whom helps finish our code and basicly just adds TENDY as the fee token to the dapp and helps Polish some things. There are numerous threads I made which show some of the type of work we are talking about.

Any takers?

I will send a link to the public git repo to whomever wants to make a PR and try to win the bounty.


-Enable whitelist
-Enable TENDY as native token for fee on the dapp
-successfully use the dapps service using TENDY to pay the fee to use the service as a proof of completion of task.

We can put the 100 Icp in escrow if u want