Temperature Check Proposal – Rename IC to "DFINITY Network"

ill be honest, InTeRNeT CoMpUteR is a bit cringe. But not sure how I feel about rebranding yet again.

As a dev, when I’m looking for a library or fixing an error, It’s harder to get useful search results if I include "internet computer" in the search term. Typing “dfinity” and then whatever I’m looking for works much better. “Dfinity” has better usability right now because it’s specific but personally, I still prefer the name “Internet Computer” as it instantly conveys the grand vision.


ICP could refer to the protocol, the blockchain, or the token depending on context. This is leaving people very confused as evident by many posts on social media.

The invisible debt (technical or otherwise) this will cause will be immense over time. I hope you consider that if you agree that naming has been causing problems then the best time to change is now, before more confusing content is produced.

Personally, I like the name Dfinity and I think it would work well as the name of the blockchain which I believe at one point it was called. Dfinity (blockchain) is maintained by the Dfinity foundation.

You then have the ICP (protocol) which dictates how the internet computer works by utilizing the blockchain. Finally you use ICT, internet computer tokens, which you use to convert to cycles (keep this name as it’s related to compute power) to drive the internet computer (IC).

Lastly, “internet computer” while semi accurately conveying it’s like a big computer that runs off the internet (via smart contracts), those two words are too broad and make researching very difficult.

  • ICP (protocol) => ICP (internet computer protocol)
  • ICP (blockchain) => Dfinity
  • ICP (token) => ICT (internet computer token)

IC Internet Computer is generic and is perfect for the true description of the protocol it is design for and the version should be added to the title Internet Computer Web 4.

DFINTY is a lot more than a generic type as should be separate.