Technical Working Group: Identity & Authentication

Hi there,

On my second device I cannot access nns app or nns page.

Page failed to load.

Any advice?


I have my identity number and my 24 phrase. But when I try to restore it needs 25 phrase.

How to restore it with 24 phrase?


Your comment was flagged as not related to the thread. Which is technically correct, but as a moderator of this forum, i do not want to penalize a new community member for not being aware they should just start a new thread, so i approved your post so I can help you.

To answer your question:

This should help you:

The first slot of the recovery phrase corresponds to the Internet Identity “anchor” id number. The next 24 words consist of the recovery phrase. The UI will soon be updated to make this more clear to avoid confusion.

The first entry is your internet identity number followed by the 24 word seed phrase

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