Support internet identity login with passphrase for browsers without biometrics

Hey folks!

I have an iPhone 12 that I have been using with my internet identity.

(I also have other devices added so I’m not locked out of my account)

But recently my Face ID stopped working on my iPhone. And it won’t be fixed any time soon.

The issue is that now the when I visit Internet Computer Content Validation Bootstrap

I’m told “Your browser isn’t supported for
Internet Identity”

Can we change this behavior? And instead of preventing access to browsers without biometrics, provide an option for users to login with their pass phrase / recovery key in that scenario.


Bumping this thread because I think there’s still relevance to this idea. At the very least, we should be able to link something such as metamask to our Internet Identities.


It’s not exactly the same but if you login to a service with NFID (not everyone supports it), you can then use Metamask to login. The issue I’m finding is that although I wanted to add NFID to my app, there are too many clicks to login. If they reduce the number of clicks it’ll work great, and it does already if you don’t mind it.

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That service (NFID) is indeed more preferable, but the NNS does not support it, unfortunately.


I agree with you bro

This makes no sense as would create a vulnerability