Suggestion : Internet Reputation for an Internet Identity (avoid captcha)

Hi everyone. First of all, I would say this feature could be only an OPTION for an Internet Identity Profile.

Why an Internet Reputation ?

I have been sad to read today that Captcha are coming on DSCVR due to robots.
The future is that now people will have 1 Internet Identity for everything, I thought that was the end of captcha era.

To avoid Captcha, why do not implement an Internet Reputation ?
The characteristics of this reputation have yet to be studied.

It could be for example the amount of ICP staked or other features.

In the future we will have one account (Internet Identity) for the whole internet. We need to find a way to prove the relevance of this account in order for this account to avoid captcha and other annoying stuffs… The feature could be OPTIONAL only for those who want.

People talk about it here : DSCVR