Stoic Wallet for the Internet Computer by Toniq Labs

I have a issue with my stoic wallet i transferred my icp tokens from binance to stoic wallet first they showed up then suddenly disappeared and the wallet also don’t show any transaction can you help me with this issue

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Brother my icp tokens disappeared in similar way my wallet was showing my tokens but suddenly it started showing 0 icp token and the wallet don’t show any transaction


I use Stoic wallet nearly since I’m with ICP, but it hasn’t been updated for a while and seems there is currently no such plan:

For me is the best ‘workaround’ connecting my Stoic to @ICPSwap where I can view and manage all my (fungible) tokens:


Because of things like this, the NNS should have a basic wallet for all ICP tokens and NFTs.

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Yeah it would be nice, but note that on ICP anyone can create a token, even using nice GUI - like on Canister Super App, so I’m not sure if such broad support on NNS is realistic and actually desired.

Hello ) I have an issue with Stoic wallet, with dissolving staked ICP in Stoic Wallet. I staked 10 ICP on 09/10/2022 for a period of 1 year. I’ve entered my Stoic Wallet a few times since December 2023 and tried to dissolve tokens but nothing has changed, it was only processing it. I would really appreciate your assistance and advice on how to solve this problem. I’ve contacted DFinity Support, ToniqueLabs and StoicWallet on Twitter, but it didn’t help. I’d like to dissolve my tokens and ask you for support and assistance on how to do it.

Brother i am having the same issue if you find any solution plzzzz tell me plzzz


I have a problem to connect to my Stoic Wallet with web3auth. When i am try to connect it opens to choose what account is linked Google, Github, Facebook etc. and as the wallet is connected to google account i selected it and it starts to load but nothing more happens please help.

Same problem, no one cares? What good is it for IC future to have such a team in charge of CKbtc’s KYT?

If you have used, you will realize that for a long time it’s platform’s CKbtc is also not transferable (what’s the reason for restricting users?). Mr. BobBodily, the CEO of bioniq platform and also Toniq Labs, by doing this, you are damaging IC’s reputation and at the same time discouraging others from using your platform. (Just tried it, ckbtc transfers work for now)