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I send My ICP coin to stoicwallet
How Forward My ICP from stoicwallet to another Digital address??


Yesterday I’ve realized that my seed phrase was lost therefore I immediately opened my wallet in order to secure the funds. I checked the settings hoping to find the phrases which unfortunately did not lead to them but then I saw the section saying “Connect via Gmail”.
Thinking it was just like all the other websites, linking my account to my Gmail which seemed a reasonable way to proceed however it just created a whole new wallet!
Going forward, checked the settings page and saw that I could still switch to my original wallet; once proceeded I was asked for my password which I entered but after hitting enter the whole page went blank !! After that, the browser never opened the wallet back again and then logged me off…

I tried opening the stoic website on another browser, it worked. Tried to open it on incognito mode, it worked. I tried creating a wallet and then connecting my Gmail to see the same error would happen again, it worked perfectly well many times with no error. And even when I close the incognito page and reopen it, the account was still logged in. So this happened only with the wallet that I have all my funds…

Now that I do not have the seed phrase I cannot reach my wallet where my all funds are in. Since the Stoic wallet is still in the development process I will kindly ask for your help.

I’m still in shock please help me get over this situation since this is the only option left.


Hi Stephan, I have a few questions regarding creating a new ERC20-token on IC and just wondering if I can email or have a chat about this directly?

Can you DM me please, I’ve seen a few people report this error but we can’t seem to track it. If I can work with you directly I should be able to debug and resolve this

Sounds good - [email protected]

Importing a wallet with a seed phrase does not seem to work, it gets stuck loading (firefox).