Stoic Wallet for the Internet Computer by Toniq Labs

I send My ICP coin to stoicwallet
How Forward My ICP from stoicwallet to another Digital address??

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Yesterday I’ve realized that my seed phrase was lost therefore I immediately opened my wallet in order to secure the funds. I checked the settings hoping to find the phrases which unfortunately did not lead to them but then I saw the section saying “Connect via Gmail”.
Thinking it was just like all the other websites, linking my account to my Gmail which seemed a reasonable way to proceed however it just created a whole new wallet!
Going forward, checked the settings page and saw that I could still switch to my original wallet; once proceeded I was asked for my password which I entered but after hitting enter the whole page went blank !! After that, the browser never opened the wallet back again and then logged me off…

I tried opening the stoic website on another browser, it worked. Tried to open it on incognito mode, it worked. I tried creating a wallet and then connecting my Gmail to see the same error would happen again, it worked perfectly well many times with no error. And even when I close the incognito page and reopen it, the account was still logged in. So this happened only with the wallet that I have all my funds…

Now that I do not have the seed phrase I cannot reach my wallet where my all funds are in. Since the Stoic wallet is still in the development process I will kindly ask for your help.

I’m still in shock please help me get over this situation since this is the only option left.


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Hi Stephan, I have a few questions regarding creating a new ERC20-token on IC and just wondering if I can email or have a chat about this directly?

Can you DM me please, I’ve seen a few people report this error but we can’t seem to track it. If I can work with you directly I should be able to debug and resolve this

Sounds good -

Importing a wallet with a seed phrase does not seem to work, it gets stuck loading (firefox).

Hi. Is there a way to have a login on one’s site using stoic? Is there available documentation for this?

Any ETA for hardware wallet support?

Hello :slight_smile: I am also wondering is there any sort of documentation for stoic wallet (ie: how to set it up locally and /or live, logging into the IC app with it and similar).

Hi team, I am having problems with my Stoic wallet. I am currently unable to access my ICP balance. NFT or other tokens are still displayed normally.
I tried connecting with ICPswap, entrepot,… but still not working.
I checked on icscan, and my ICP balance is still there.
Can you check it again and tell me how to fix it?

This was due to a suspended IC domain, issue should be resolved, more info there: Is down for everyone?

@stephenandrews Sorry for asking here but I can’t seem to be able to respond in the topic about StoicIdentity or create a thread about this.

I’m using the StoicIdentity to sync with the waller, but as far as I can see, using StoicIdentity I can only retrieve the Principal ID, not the Wallet Address. Does anybody know if there any way to get the Wallet Address?

My son has same problem on iphone

try this

// the stoic agent provides an `accounts()` method that returns
// accounts assocaited with the principal
let accounts = JSON.parse(await identity.accounts());
let defaultAccount = accounts[0].address, // we take the default account associated with the identity
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Hey , iv been having problems with stoic. When I put my seed phrase in it comes up with empty wallet. I can see my old account in ic scan but not with new address. Any help would be massively appreciated?

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I have issue on my wallet, I used to login my stoic wallet using the option ’ Link Your Internet Identity’. It was okay before, when I tried to login after 3/4 month later I don’t see any NFT on my wallet. Can anybody help me please. Thank you!

Can you add an option for users to download PEM file please?

Hi sir, I don’t have seed phrases, I link internet identity to open stoic wallet. I was able to open buy and sell nfts through my wallet, but now when I connect with internet identity, it gives me new wallet id. When I logged in is my wallet id, that doesn’t let me to do anything on my wallet. Can you help me please! I’m in trouble this time! Thank you!

I have been trying to buy some CHAT tokens I sent to my stoic wallet, but any I try to swap, I get an error saying “Failed to transfer CHAT” Enable cookies. I already enabled cookies and I still get this same error. What do I do?

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