Sonic Design Challenge - $30,000 bounty

Sonic UI/UX Community Design Challenge

Design Challenge: Sonic Decentralised Exchange Branding and Website Redesign Challenge

Start Date: August 7th


This community design challenge invites creatives to participate in the complete branding of the Sonic Decentralised Exchange and redesigning two web portals: and Sonic Pro.


Task 1: Sonic Decentralised Exchange Branding Challenge - $5,000 USDT - August 15th

Participants are tasked to create the branding elements for Sonic Decentralised Exchange, including but not limited to:

  1. Logo design
  2. Iconography
  3. Color scheme
  4. Any additional branding materials deemed necessary

Task 2: Website UI/UX Challenge - - $10,000 USDC - August 18th

Participants are tasked to reimagine and redesign the following components of the website:

  1. A revamped landing page
  2. An informative data page for Sonic
  3. A new Swap page
  4. An LBP (Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool) for Sonic.
  5. A redesigned experience for LBP
  6. The main website will undergo a complete overhaul of the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) designs.
  7. Rewards panel (where users can see their LP and trading rewards and have the option to claim them monthly.

Task 3: Website UI/UX Challenge - Sonic Pro - $15,000 USDC - Deadline - Sept 20th

The participants will design the Sonic Pro platform, an order book-based synthetic asset, perpetual asset, and spot market portal. The design will facilitate the perpetual trading options Sonic Pro offers, providing an intuitive experience for traders speculating on the future value of assets.

The design should include:

  1. Portfolio Page - Users can view an overview of their assets, transaction history, current positions, and past orders
  2. Trading Page - The designer will design this page to offer Limit, Market, and Stop Limit options for users. It will incorporate an order book with buy and sell orders, a TradingView chart, and information on Positions, Orders, Fills, and Payments. It will also display a list of tradable cryptocurrency assets.
  3. Wallet Integration - The design will allow users to connect their preferred wallets to the Sonic Pro platform.
  4. Rewards Page - Users can view their trading rewards on this page.
  5. Competition Page - Trading competition and related info
  6. Governance Page -All proposals related to governance will be displayed here for users to view.
  7. More Page - 1. This page will provide users with additional resources such as metrics, documentation, community links, and more.
  8. Login Page - The login module should have options for both email and wallet login. In addition to wallet login, we also provide the option to sign up using email. Once the user logs in with their email, a web3 wallet will be generated and assigned to the user.

Full details for each task can be found below.


Participants are expected to submit FIGMA files for:

Sonic Decentralised Exchange branding pack.
Mockup or functional prototype for the redesigned
Mockup or functional prototype for the redesigned Sonic Pro.


Branding - 15th August redesign - 18th August

Sonic Pro - September 20th

Participants should submit their designs for each task by the specified deadlines. Upon completion of each design task, the designer is required to provide a detailed explanation of the design decisions made during the final decision-making Google Meet. This should include:

  • The designer’ss reasoning and rationale for why the design was executed in a certain way.
  • How the design meets the specific needs of the intended users.
  • Research and data from the industry that supports the design decisions.
  • Any usability or A/B testing performed and the results of these tests.


The total prize for the design challenge is $30,000


By participating, you agree to have your designs potentially used by Sonic AMM with appropriate credit. Any additional work outside of this challenge will require a new agreement. All challenge-related materials and data will be kept confidential.


To participate, please submit your design(s) for each challenge by the specified date above via Sonic official Discord. The winners will be announced by September 30th. Good luck!

Official announcement -
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Love this!

Great initiative for the ecosystem!

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Sonic Pro?

That’s crazy. Looks like Sonic is unstoppable.

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Excited to start working on the challenge.
Here is the color palette A/B test:

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I think Sonic already has whitelisted designs. Please Dont

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lol, you lost the bounty… did you?