Some more tips on version 0.4.11 SDK

So any some of you know that v4.0.11 of the SDK (latest version) is the first release which includes front-end support. However if some of you are having trouble with the front-end at the moment (still in experimental stage) then you can exclude it from the builds.

There are several ways you can do this. You can delete the new file in your project called package.json. That file is what is used to build the node.js server for the front-end so if you delete it then you can skip that specific build.

Also you can uninstall Node.js on your machine and it won’t try and build the front-end if you just want to focus on writing Motoko code.


Thank you very much for the tips @Comp_Sci

There’s now a flag to handle this too:

dfx build --skip-frontend