SNS access threshold needs to be lowered

Now is such a situation, I want to launch SNS DAO, but I encounter the following difficulties:

  1. The SNS launch code is very complicated and requires very professional programming ability, which is not simple enough
  2. dfinity will vote against it, because they think mine is just meme coins, useless
    These two difficulties have directly increased the SNS launch level, making it impossible to issue Meme coins through SNS. However, Meme currency is currently a hot spot and will bring huge traffic to IC.
    Based on this, I propose the following 2 solutions
  3. Reduce the difficulty of launching codes through SNS, and directly use the visual panel to launch without involving codes, so that everyone can use SNS to launch
  4. dfinity cannot participate in proposal voting
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ICP needs meme coins and a simple SNS launching tool

To this end, the ecosystem needs a dapp that can launch canisters & Dip20 tokens similar to

That allows users to casually launch dapps if they pay the cycles.

I disagree with this proposal. You don’t need the SNS to launch a meme coin. What are you raising funds for? Dfinity is part of the community and Dfinity should vote when it wants to. I find it hard to take this proposal seriously when it makes demand on who’s allowed to vote.


We don’t need meme coin rug pulls, that can stay in Ethereum.

Reasonable feedback. Fwiw the team is constantly working on lowering the bar for folks and making it easier, faster, safer. I expect this to change rapidly next few weeks and months.


Looking forward to further progress.

I totally agree with what @icpburn said in twitter.

“SNS is a deformity that violates the openness of blockchain. Its potential developers are locked out of SNS, which objectively blocks the ecological development. Call for the abolition of SNS.”

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Sir, to that end, have you or team considered creating a way to upload content to canisters without use of the command line interface? This would let less tech savvy people interact with the ecosystem and we may see rapid growth of not only the eco but of different dapps and ideas!