Seed Round Access

Here is their last message to me… I guess we will wait for a long time yet.


Hey so when I hear about “seed investors still not being able to get access to their ICP”, what’s really been happening is that these people have been getting rugged by Ledger / Zondax until further notice?

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I could be wrong (I’m not the expert in seed neurons), but I think that is not quite accurate characterization. I think a more fair characterization would be: “seed round people can access their ICP (indeed I know many who have), but for those who want to use Ledger nano, the blocker is Ledger security reviews.”

I think “rugged” is unfair because:

  • implies that ledger nano is only way for seed round access (I could be wrong but I believe there is others)

  • implies Ledger and Zondax have malicious intent they benefit from

As an analogy, I wanted to use Coinbase for staking because it would be easier, but I ultimately stopped waiting for a Coinbase to roll out this feature and moved to entirely self-custody (which requires more technical steps).

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That being said… as I said earlier, we realize we need to change something so we are discussing what we can do differently to help accelerate this.

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It is extremely difficult for non-computer savvy seed round people to access their ICP. The instructions still aren’t very clear. It’s really sad because if it was made easy and accessible, those of us who invested over 5 years ago could have accessed our ICP at over $400. Now it’s $12. The rug has been pulled. There’s no other way to describe it.

If it helps you at all, I do not know one non-seed ICPer who realizes that the seed debacle is not due to DFINITY. This all seems to have flown very much under the radar.

Has it been clarified somewhere that manual (technical) seed claim instructions still work?
Recently some balances have been swept into some neuron, not enough clarity about this.

Since we’re still waiting for user-friendly way to do it and we don’t know if we are going to wait for another week, month, year or decade it would be great to provide clear information about how to do it manually…

Some damage has been done but anyway seed investors have most of their tokens locked and released in tranches over the years as far as I know (?)… so the price effect that happened with more difficult way to claim is “mitigated” by having tokens locked… it’s not the main issue but it’s time for some clarity… again:

a) how to do it manually and is it still possible?
b) keep us up to date with any new info regarding the user-friendly way

I personally was busy with many other things and didn’t take the time to follow long instructions … and now the status of that is unknown… along with status of b)

I think if enough care and attention is put into this now the issue can be somewhat resolved. It is what it is :slight_smile:

The original instructions still work and are still available at How-To: Claim neurons for seed participants | Internet Computer Developer Portal
They are based on keysmith and quill and can be done air-gapped or networked.

There was also very little to no info about this. When investing in February 2017, there was no info about this. We were meant to get the tokens at genesis. We then waited 4+ years. Everything was done quietly and without much notice to the original group of people that funded the project at the very very beginning. I’m disappointed with how poorly it was done. Ultimately, I think preference was given to the VCs that invested in later rounds, and the seed contributors were shafted.

Can someone please point me to the official release on the token distribution schedule for all participants.

I dont have anything to update yet as some of the people involved are on PTO this week, but I am trying to see what we can do different and who else can help.

I thought a “I did not forget about this” update is better than silence… as sad as my non-update is.

Wonderful news @diegop !


@diegop !

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it seems the seed participants don’t get voting rewards any more, was there any changes?

I do not think so. Could it be that the followees of your neurons are not following properly?

I’m not doubting what you are seeing, but I want to make sure that we get all the info so we can treat this seriously (a neuron not getting rewards). Any info would help.

I see Ledger has updated the app to 2.0.6

Can Dfinity/ICP please put out a guide about how seed people can access their ICP now.