RuBaRu - A Fully On-Chain Regenerative Creators-Consumers Economy


  • Creator’s worst nightmare! Picture the anguish of discovering your profile on centralised creator ecosystem banned or blocked after years of dedicated effort & community building.
  • Post pandemic centralized platforms are growing multifold, but creators are not getting their fair share of incentives
  • Late Incentivisation for budding creators.
  • Unavailability of tools for direct monetisation of premium content.


Shaping the new generation Creator-Consumer economy - the Web 3.0 way!

RuBaRu aims to create a Mobile-First Fully On-Chain DAO-based tokenized economy owned & governed by the community, where creators, influencers, consumers, and brands coexist harmoniously. By doing so, we unlock new opportunities, reshape digital creativity, drive economic growth, and foster a thriving ecosystem of shared prosperity.

Web3 advantages

  1. A fully decentralized DAO-based ecosystem within the Web3 paradigm, where decision-making is entrusted to the collective intelligence of the community. This ensures transparency and liberation from authoritarian centralized platforms, establishing a resilient and inclusive digital environment.
  2. Creator economy is growing exponentially and it will reach $357 billion by 2025. Web3.0 makes the creator economy borderless, thus limits the friction of regulations and fuels growth.
  3. The fully On-Chain ecosystem grants creators ownership of their profiles and content, empowering their digital presence.
  4. Within Web3.0, transparent and trustless incentives & wealth distribution is guaranteed for all ecosystem participants, including DAO members, creators, consumers, influencers, and brands.

How is it built

Fully On-Chain as RuBaRu’s Fundamental principle

In the RuBaRu ecosystem, every component resides entirely on-chain, leaving no room for off-chain components. This commitment ensures complete transparency and decentralization.

Beyond this, key principles were identified to make RuBaRu appealing not only to the crypto community but also to traditional social media users:

  • Mobile-First Strategy: Placing mobile at the forefront of our approach.
  • Best-in-Class User Experience: Prioritizing an exceptional user journey.
  • Infinite Auto-Scaling: Designing for limitless scalability.
  • Web-Speed Content Delivery: Ensuring content is delivered at the speed of the web.

While finalising the Tech Stack, the team carefully evaluated various technologies to enable RuBaRu to seamlessly target existing social media users, enhance user experience, minimize adoption frictions, and accelerate time to market.

RuBaRu’s Technology Stack :

  • Frontend - Flutter (iOS & Android DApp) - Cross platform development
  • API bridge - Agent Dart (AstroX)
  • Backend - Motoko

System Design - Embracing the essence of Microservices

To achieve a highly agile and adaptable system with seamless scalability for a growing user base, RuBaRu employed a modular approach, breaking down the system into auto-scalable independent Microservices (canisters).

  • User Service
  • Image & Video Post Service
  • Audio Service
  • Story Service
  • Comment Service
  • Search Service
  • Hashtag Service

As, content is the core element within the RuBaRu ecosystem, we’ve developed a On-Chain Mini CDN for storing & streaming assets like images, videos, and audio, employing a canister farming technique along with data chunking and sharding.

Internet Computer superpowers

At the heart of this remarkable journey is ICP’s cutting-edge blockchain technology. It’s not just a buzzword – it’s a game-changer. With its full-stack capabilities, web-speed data streaming, and viable on-chain data storage, ICP’s blockchain offers more than just a secure ledger; it’s a powerful toolset that RuBaRu masterfully wields to redefine the digital landscape. Below are some key capabilities of ICP that empower RuBaRu in establishing a fully On-Chain Creator-Consumer economy:

  • Viable Fully OnChain capabilities to completely decentralize the ecosystem.
  • Reverse Gas fee Model - Anticipating users to pay for social media platform usage is a recipe for failure. The Reverse Gas Fee model guarantees the elimination of this friction.
  • Composite Queries - Developing fully OnChain micro-services for RuBaRu demands extensive inter-canister communication, and doing so at web speed, without Composite Queries it would be a disaster to build infinitely auto scalable micro-services.

Status of the project

With the backing of Dfinity’s Dev Grant, the RuBaRu team has achieved significant milestones in the development of the SocialFi DApp for a global audience. Here are some key accomplishments:

  • Transitioned our backend services from a Monolithic structure to OnChain infinitely auto-scalable Microservices, ready to seamlessly host content posted by hundreds of millions of creators.
  • Constructed a comprehensive OnChain CDN service capable of storing media assets such as images, videos, and audio, and streaming them through HTTP URLs.
  • OnChain Audio streaming protocol

The team is getting ready to introduce the Pre-Beta release to the community, initiating a cycle of testing and gathering feedback. This sets the stage for preparing to onboard the first million users from the Web2 social media landscape.