RuBaRu - A Fully On-Chain Regenerative Creators-Consumers Economy


  • Creator’s worst nightmare! Picture the anguish of discovering your profile on centralised creator ecosystem banned or blocked after years of dedicated effort & community building.
  • Post pandemic centralized platforms are growing multifold, but creators are not getting their fair share of incentives
  • Late Incentivisation for budding creators.
  • Unavailability of tools for direct monetisation of premium content.


Shaping the new generation Creator-Consumer economy - the Web 3.0 way!

RuBaRu aims to create a Mobile-First Fully On-Chain DAO-based tokenized economy owned & governed by the community, where creators, influencers, consumers, and brands coexist harmoniously. By doing so, we unlock new opportunities, reshape digital creativity, drive economic growth, and foster a thriving ecosystem of shared prosperity.

Web3 advantages

  1. A fully decentralized DAO-based ecosystem within the Web3 paradigm, where decision-making is entrusted to the collective intelligence of the community. This ensures transparency and liberation from authoritarian centralized platforms, establishing a resilient and inclusive digital environment.
  2. Creator economy is growing exponentially and it will reach $357 billion by 2025. Web3.0 makes the creator economy borderless, thus limits the friction of regulations and fuels growth.
  3. The fully On-Chain ecosystem grants creators ownership of their profiles and content, empowering their digital presence.
  4. Within Web3.0, transparent and trustless incentives & wealth distribution is guaranteed for all ecosystem participants, including DAO members, creators, consumers, influencers, and brands.

How is it built

Fully On-Chain as RuBaRu’s Fundamental principle

In the RuBaRu ecosystem, every component resides entirely on-chain, leaving no room for off-chain components. This commitment ensures complete transparency and decentralization.

Beyond this, key principles were identified to make RuBaRu appealing not only to the crypto community but also to traditional social media users:

  • Mobile-First Strategy: Placing mobile at the forefront of our approach.
  • Best-in-Class User Experience: Prioritizing an exceptional user journey.
  • Infinite Auto-Scaling: Designing for limitless scalability.
  • Web-Speed Content Delivery: Ensuring content is delivered at the speed of the web.

While finalising the Tech Stack, the team carefully evaluated various technologies to enable RuBaRu to seamlessly target existing social media users, enhance user experience, minimize adoption frictions, and accelerate time to market.

RuBaRu’s Technology Stack :

  • Frontend - Flutter (iOS & Android DApp) - Cross platform development
  • API bridge - Agent Dart (AstroX)
  • Backend - Motoko

System Design - Embracing the essence of Microservices

To achieve a highly agile and adaptable system with seamless scalability for a growing user base, RuBaRu employed a modular approach, breaking down the system into auto-scalable independent Microservices (canisters).

  • User Service
  • Image & Video Post Service
  • Audio Service
  • Story Service
  • Comment Service
  • Search Service
  • Hashtag Service

As, content is the core element within the RuBaRu ecosystem, we’ve developed a On-Chain Mini CDN for storing & streaming assets like images, videos, and audio, employing a canister farming technique along with data chunking and sharding.

Internet Computer superpowers

At the heart of this remarkable journey is ICP’s cutting-edge blockchain technology. It’s not just a buzzword – it’s a game-changer. With its full-stack capabilities, web-speed data streaming, and viable on-chain data storage, ICP’s blockchain offers more than just a secure ledger; it’s a powerful toolset that RuBaRu masterfully wields to redefine the digital landscape. Below are some key capabilities of ICP that empower RuBaRu in establishing a fully On-Chain Creator-Consumer economy:

  • Viable Fully OnChain capabilities to completely decentralize the ecosystem.
  • Reverse Gas fee Model - Anticipating users to pay for social media platform usage is a recipe for failure. The Reverse Gas Fee model guarantees the elimination of this friction.
  • Composite Queries - Developing fully OnChain micro-services for RuBaRu demands extensive inter-canister communication, and doing so at web speed, without Composite Queries it would be a disaster to build infinitely auto scalable micro-services.

Status of the project

With the backing of Dfinity’s Dev Grant, the RuBaRu team has achieved significant milestones in the development of the SocialFi DApp for a global audience. Here are some key accomplishments:

  • Transitioned our backend services from a Monolithic structure to OnChain infinitely auto-scalable Microservices, ready to seamlessly host content posted by hundreds of millions of creators.
  • Constructed a comprehensive OnChain CDN service capable of storing media assets such as images, videos, and audio, and streaming them through HTTP URLs.
  • OnChain Audio streaming protocol

The team is getting ready to introduce the Pre-Beta release to the community, initiating a cycle of testing and gathering feedback. This sets the stage for preparing to onboard the first million users from the Web2 social media landscape.




This looks like thorough work, well done


Looks promising. Seems to be the closest project we have for a decentralized YouTube which is what I think web 3 needs to start getting the attention from Web 2 users. HOpefully, we can get to a point where we can do longer videos instead of just shorts.

Congratz! Is that going to be open sourced as part of the DAO?

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Certainly. Once SNS is completed, the project will transition to open source under DAO governance. We’re already working towards this transition and securing crowdfunding for key roadmap tasks leading up to SNS.

You can find lots of recent updates and details in the link below, and I’ll also make a special update post just for our Forum members.


RuBaRu Project Update - May 8th, 2024

RuBaRu Beta is live:

We are thrilled to announce the latest features available in the current version of RuBaRu DApp. As we continue to enhance user experience and expand functionality, we aim to empower users to express themselves creatively, connect with others, and explore new opportunities within the platform. Here’s a rundown of the exciting features you can now enjoy:

Feature List (Available to use in current RuBaRu DApp version):

  1. Create Your OnChain Profile: Seamlessly establish your presence on the blockchain by creating your OnChain profile and securing your OG Username. This ensures authenticity and security in your interactions within the RuBaRu community.
  2. RuBaRu Membership Number: Obtain your unique RuBaRu Membership number, with lower numbers signifying early adoption. It’s not just a number; it’s a testament to your involvement in shaping the future of our platform.
  3. Share Image Posts: Express yourself through captivating visuals by sharing art, fashion, travel experiences, educational insights, lifestyle tips, and more with your followers through OnChain Image Posts.
  4. Share Tapes: Showcase your talents, life experiences, and adventures through OnChain Tapes - short video content covering dance routines, singing performances, travel adventures, news updates, and much more.
  5. OnChain Short Stories: Keep your audience engaged with OnChain Short Stories that remain live for 24 hours, allowing you to share fleeting moments and timely updates.
  6. Hashtags Canister Service: Enhance discoverability and categorization of your content within the platform by utilizing the hashtags canister service for OnChain Content.
  7. Optimized Search Algorithm: Discover and explore content and users efficiently with our optimized search algorithm and OnChain Social Media Content Indexer.
  8. Audio Protocol: Elevate your posts with engaging background music scores using the OnChain Audio protocol and editors, enhancing the overall experience for your audience.
  9. Follow Your Favorite Creators: Stay updated and connected with your favorite creators by following them and receiving notifications about their latest posts and activities.
  10. Engagement Features: Interact with content through comments, likes, and reactions, allowing you to share your thoughts, reactions, and views with the community.
  11. In-App Image and Video Editors: Create captivating content directly within the app using our comprehensive editing tools, including rotation, cropping, zooming, adding text and emojis, applying filters, blur effects, and more. Additionally, utilize the in-app video trimmer and audio trimmer to refine your content before sharing it with your audience.

With these new features, RuBaRu continues to evolve into a dynamic platform that fosters creativity, community engagement, and meaningful connections. We look forward to seeing how users utilize these tools to enrich their experience and share unique voice with the world.

The development of these features and user experience has been guided by the principle that combining pure decentralization with the best user experience can significantly enhance the adoption of Web3 services and products.

RuBaRu’s OnChain Technical Achievements :
The following technical achievements form the foundation of creating a user-centric product aimed at transitioning Web2 Social Media users to Web3 SocialFi:

Our system design is meticulously crafted to embody true decentralization and scalability, setting new standards in the Web3 landscape. Key components of our system design include:

  • On-Chain Database: Incorporating profiles, posts, likes, comments, and social graph data directly on the blockchain, ensuring transparency, security, and immutability.
  • Comprehensive On-Chain CDN: Enabling storage and streaming of rich media content, including images, videos, and audios, directly on the blockchain, ensuring decentralized and censorship-resistant content distribution.
  • On-Chain Auto-Scalable Backend Services: Utilizing Microservices architecture for efficient and auto-scalable backend services, ensuring optimal performance and resource utilization.
  • Efficient Content Indexer & Full-Text Search: Implementing an efficient content indexer and full-text search functionality for On-Chain Content Discovery, enabling seamless exploration and discovery of relevant content.

Your contribution to our quest for a decentralized and empowered social media ecosystem is invaluable. We’re just getting started.


RuBaRu Project Update - May 25th, 2024

#DeAI R&D activities & Plans for utilising AI for Content Moderation & Discovery

The landscape of social media & content creation is undergoing a seismic shift with the advent of blockchain technology and decentralized finance (DeFi). RuBaRu,by harnessing the power of decentralized AI (DeAI) and the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP), we strives to deliver true transparency, security, and user empowerment.

Planned Key Features of RuBaRu #DeAI Network

1. Decentralized Content Moderation

Content moderation is one of the most challenging aspects of social media platforms. Traditional systems are centralized, often opaque, and prone to bias and censorship. RuBaRu aims to address these challenges through a unique approach that combines community involvement and DeAI-powered moderation:

  • Transparency and Accountability: Moderation decisions are made through transparent algorithms running on a decentralized network, making all actions auditable and reducing the risk of arbitrary censorship.

  • Community Involvement: Users participate in the moderation process, voting on content and ensuring that decisions reflect the community’s values.

  • Bias Reduction: Decentralized AI models, maintained by diverse contributors, provide balanced content evaluation, minimizing bias.

2. Enhanced Content Discovery

Opaque algorithms on traditional platforms often create echo chambers by prioritising content based on engagement metrics and personal bias. RuBaRu’s DeAI-driven content discovery system ensures:

  • Transparent Algorithms: All recommendation algorithms will be open-source and transparent, allowing users to understand and trust the process.

  • User-Controlled Preferences: Users will be able to customize their feed based on personal interests, promoting a more personalized and diverse content experience.

  • Incentivising Quality Content: High-quality content will be rewarded through token-based incentives, evaluated by AI models based on factors such as virality, the creator’s reputation, originality, and community engagement.

  • Diverse Exposure: Leveraging diverse data sources and viewpoints, RuBaRu will break down echo chambers and promotes inclusivity.

RuBaRu’s #DeAI MVP : Fully OnChain NSFW Content Analyser

We have developed an MVP for a Fully OnChain NSFW content analyzer, showcasing the practical application of decentralised AI (DeAI) in content moderation. This tool highlights the effectiveness of DeAI in ensuring transparency and fostering community involvement to maintain platform integrity. You can explore the demo of this #DeAI NSFW content analyser

Screenshot 2024-05-24 at 4.30.30 PM

The Future of #SocialFi with RuBaRu

RuBaRu’s approach signifies a fundamental transformation in the SocialFi ecosystem. By guaranteeing that all interactions and transactions are transparent and community-driven, RuBaRu empowers both users and content creators. This Fully OnChain model addresses the challenges of censorship, bias, and opaque decision-making, thus paving the way for a more equitable and inclusive digital environment.

Benefits to Users & Creators

  • For Users: More control over content preferences, increased trust in platform processes, incentives for engagement, and exposure to diverse content.

  • For Creators: Direct engagement with their audience, fair compensation for their work through the Creator-Consumer Incentive Program (CCIP), and transparent content evaluation.


RuBaRu is poised to address the critical challenges within the SocialFi ecosystem. By integrating decentralised AI (#DeAI) and leveraging the Internet Computer Protocol’s ($ICP) Fully OnChain capabilities, RuBaRu delivers a transparent, secure, and user-centric platform that redefines content creation and consumption. As RuBaRu continues to grow and evolve, it is set to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of decentralised social media.

Explore the potential of the future of content moderation and discovery by visiting [NSFW content analyzer demo]. The future of social media is here, and it is decentralised, transparent, and inclusive.

P.S: Live demo link will be shared very soon :slight_smile:

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