Release Notes for new replica version a094b

Dear IC Community,

we are happy to announce a new replica version that will get proposed to be elected within the next 72 hours. This rollout we need to start with two versions whereby one will have sandboxing disabled for certain subnets. See my post on the previous release.
The release notes are as follows:

* Consensus: Dedupe transcripts
* Crypto: Add a generic RandomOracle interface
* Crypto: Threshold ECDSA: include the message digest in the derivation of rho
* Crypto: Initial threshold ECDSA key transcript generation
* Crypto: Remove directory creation and permission setting from crypto code
* Execution: Abort the entire sandbox process if a thread panics
* Execution: Collect info based on update execution result
* Execution: Count round iteration overhead in instruction limit
* Execution: Copy buffers to wasm memory in deterministic direction
* Execution: Increase certification version to max supported: 6
* Execution: Remove 32 bit stable_memory_size from CanisterStateBits
* Execution: Remove limit on Cycles in a canister
* Execution: Upgrade wasmtime to version 0.31.0
* Message Routing: Also enforce system subnet stream size limits on sending end
* Message Routing: Extend incremental manifest computation to stable memory
* Message Routing: Limit subnet-wide canister message memory usage
* Networking: Add BTC adapter process as part of the replica deployment
* Networking: Removes the registry version argument when stopping a connection.
* Node: Ensure GuestOS is being restarted on-crash
* Node: Open temporary file for crash-safe I/O in exclusive mode
* Node: Set umask for replica process
* Orchestrator: Check for un-assignment on the newest CUP
* Orchestrator: Extract RegistryReplicator to its own crate
* Orchestrator: Make RegistryReplicator take node_id optionally
* Orchestrator: Remove cup persistence at the deprecated path
* Orchestrator: Remove RegistryReplicator's dependency on IC Config
* Various bugfixes and test updates

The rollout of the current version went well although it was a bit bumpy and will be finalized on Monday.


The proposals electing both versions are out:

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The rollout was completed successfully this morning by updating the NNS subnet.
A new release candidate is almost qualified and will be announced today.

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Next RC was announced here.

The rollout was completed by updating the NNS subnet this morning.

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