Register ICLighthouse ( neuron as a named neuron

ICLighthouse recently released the NNS Governance UI tool to manage neurons, make proposals, and participate in voting that is part of our wallet infrastructure.
Wallet App:

We made the ICLighthouse neuron publicly available: 11595773061053702367
We are now making a proposal to register the neuron as a named neuron.

Feel free to follow us (neuron id: 11595773061053702367) and participate in the governance using the NNS UI tools we provide.


This is great to see ICLighthouse getting involved in governance as a named neuron. I wish more organizations building on the IC would do this as well. Thank you!

Would you please describe the relationship between the NNS Governance UI tool you have built and your ICLighthouse ( named neuron? Specifically, are you requiring people who create neurons using your UI to choose ICLighthouse as a Followee? Is ICLighthouse being used as a default Followee when these neurons are created? Do users get the same governance voting rewards they get if they use the NNS dApp? Are they bound to the same tokenomics as NNS dApp users? What is the difference between using the NNS dApp and using the ICLighthouse NNS Governance UI for neuron creation and why is there a correlation between the ICLighthouse NNS Governance UI and the ICLighthouse named neuron?


We just developed a new UI tool, no additional features or restrictions were added. This dapp module directly connects to the NNS canister which the NNS dApp also connects to.

You can create neurons on the NNS dApp and you can also create neurons on ICLight, there is no difference. The neurons you create are the neurons in the ICP economic system. The only difference is that the account (Principal) you use is different.

You can set the Hotkey of the neuron on the NNS dApp to your Principal on the ICLight, and you can set the Hotkey of the neuron on the ICLight to your Principal on the NNS dApp. This makes it easy to manage all your neurons at the same time across accounts.

ICLighthouse named neuron just gives users an additional Followee that they can choose from, there is no default setting and no mandatory setting. In short, the power is in the user’s own hands, we just provide the UI tools.


This is fantastic! I’m very impressed and will check it out. Is the UI open source or do you plan to make it open source?

There are some capabilities of neurons that are built into the NNS that are not made available to users of the NNS dApp. Specifically, I’d like to be able to use the Manage Neuron proposal topic 1 so more than one Followee can be configured to control the neuron. This is a feature that can only be accessed via command line apps like ic-repl and dfx and is not very user friendly. The documentation on these features is scarce. Do you have any plans to or interest in building more user friendly capabilities into your UI for the Manage Neuron functionality?

Could you explain a little more about the principal that is used for a neuron created using the NNS Governance UI for ICLight? How is the principal derived? Where is it located?

Thanks. This is exciting!

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It is reassuring to see that ICLighthouse has been recognized as a named neuron within the governance framework as this will bring healthy competition

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I would like to follow up here on Wenzel’s comments and emphasize them.

  1. It is currently not possible to submit NNS proposals in the NNS dApp

  2. It is currently not possible to use the manage neuron function in the NNS dApp

  3. It is currently not possible to submit manage neuron proposals in the NNS dApp

A real opportunity for ICLighthouse to shine would be to not only mimic the functionality in the NNS dApp, but also to enable functionality the NNS dApp does not offer. I know you have already started doing this with SNS voting which is very impressive.

The Manage Neuron function is one very big feature that the Synapse neuron wants to take advantage of. It would be a real service to the entire IC community if you enable this in your application.

Thank you also for becoming a named neuron. We appreciate you guys.


In due course, all our code will be open source.
The generation of Principal is related to the login method, you can choose to login by II etc.

Yes, we try to give users all the features of NNS, the ability to visually make a proposal is already available, and this proposal was posted using this UI.

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