Raspberry Pi ICP device?

I think devs have got plans way too far ahead. Can someone make me a raspberry pi device that directly operates with Internet Computer?

Actually, I just realised I’ll for sure get hacked. I’ll wait for the official.

What do you mean by ‘directly operates with’? A raspi can run an agent without any issue. If you’re talking Badlands though: afaik, that isn’t something which is on the development radar right now.

Sorry to be a downer, but raspis aren’t fast enough to operate as a consensus node (except the very top end ones). The reduced instruction set of the ARM processor causes it to require more steps to perform the encryption and decryption for transaction verification. This causes the data bus to have to move data around more frequently. Having more ram helps offset this; but I find that a raspi needs about 2x the ram to be able to be functional.


I think what I want would need to communicate directly with ICP data centres, wirelessly with radio waves or something. The system probably doesn’t do that, but I don’t think it’s a pipe dream.

If you are looking for a air gap wallet, I have a tutorial: GitHub - chenyan2002/pi-wallet: Self-custodied ICP wallet using Raspberry Pi Zero