Questions and concerns about DFINITY Foundation working "beyond core protocol"

This is probably a good opportunity to perhaps break my “ask only clarifying questions” philosophy for this thread (how many times have I broken it already? :upside_down_face:) and be explicit about a tenet I strongly believe:

“You can tell take the measure of a person by how much truth they are willing to accept”

This, I believe, applies to teams, organizations, etc… as well.

Do I accept all the truth before me? Of course not! (I eat less healthy than I’m willing to admit for one), but I think “accepting truth” is a worthwhile goal and a muscle worth exercising. This does not mean that every statement everyone says it’s “truth” but it can mean “it is TRUE that X believes Y.” Sometimes even that level of statements are hard to accept.

So yes, this is a dialogue and one intended to help the Dfinity foundation ask clarifying questions and ultimately accept truth about what folks believe… I admit, even things like stack ranking of concerns, rationales, likes/dislikes in this thread have all been very helpful so far.

Thank you so far, and I look forward to read more.


As I see ICP as an investor, it has a job of cleaning up after the 2 Cryptos from their problems and selling cycles to websites that have to spend money to build on this new type of system.

ICP, in my opinion, has a totally new internet that is downplayed so as not to offend and doesn’t provide any incentive for new investors. A silent achiever, I think so but they could consider the old internet and what it is worth and where it gets its revenue.

Why not become a new exploria and have revenue come in like some of the biggest tech companies, after all, will ICP be going to recommend sending or searching for websites that are not built on the ICP and are the old explorias going to display websites built on ICP?

I don’t feel the price of ICP, which is just a workhorse for others, will fetch a large price in the future compared to the top coins and unless we have much better fundamentals and revenue stream, real money and backers will not invest.

How about a wrapper for old sites to come over and do business on the ICP.

Who doesn’t provide rewards today, how about something to view, offer information and services, create a revenue stream but with the ability to market its abilities that others on the old web can’t.

While the only incentive is to sell cycles and invest into the CF and SNS I don’t see much.

I only see views here that should be left upto ICP but lacking ideas that will fund ICP into the future.

Hey @diegop I just wanted to follow-up here to see if you’ve had the time to ask/hear back from Jan on the points I asked about above in this thread.

(Revealing a bit behind the scenes…) Jan is still on his well-earned holiday vacation, but I will once he is back soon. I rather be direct than leave you hanging :nerd_face:.

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I totally agree that NNS controls community fund and SNS because NNS is the highest power of IC