Questions about submitting proposals to NNS

Is it open for individuals to submit proposals to nns?

Is there a tutorial for submitting proposals, and is there any documentation for details?

There are currently more than 5,000 proposals on the IC, but I don’t know exactly what happened.
Fortunately, there are only some original materials here: GitHub - ic-association/nns-proposals But I think whether it is for developers or ordinary staker, we need a documentation for the key part of the proposals which need a clearer interpretation and introduction. Otherwise, even if we want to vote, we don’t know what will happen after adopt/reject.

There’s some info on how to submit proposals on the ICA site and the quick start doc for the NNS app. but not a real tutorial yet (coming soon I hope!).

This is the guide mentioned: Internet Computer Governance

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thanks for the awesome information.

Thanks for the tools you provided, but they are not working for me. I cannot initiate a proposal right now.

Are there any way to submit proposals now? Link in docs seems invalid now