Problems when running locally with version 0.6.3

I upgraded my app to dfx 0.6.3, and I created, built, installed my canister with local network, but I can not open “http://localhost:8000/?canisterId=************************” correctly. How to open it with local network?

Hi @Flanker! Did you see this breaking change from 0.6.2? Looks like that might be the problem.

Hi, I just removed entirely directory and created a new project “hello world”, and then built and installed the canister, but still I get the same error:

And if I use “ic:”:


I verified there were no canister_ids.json file in .dfx

Can you run dfx --version to check if you‘re using 0.6.3?

Yeah, it’s 0.6.3 version.

Maybe force refresh the browser (Ctrl F5 or similar)?

It works! Thanks a lot!