Plausible deniability for node operators

Great to see this very relevant discussion taking place here!

An important thing to note is that the Nintendo takedown notice was for the operator of a boundary node that was just routing traffic to the IC, not of a replica in the relevant subnet that is hosting the content.

Technically, it will be fairly hard to hide IP addresses of boundary nodes or whatever gateways people use to access the IC, because they have to connect to them somehow. The best one can do here, AFAICS, is to “play the numbers game”, having many boundary nodes in many countries that people can use to access the IC. But it will reduce people’s experience if their closest gateways are taken down.

The additional problem of boundary nodes being forced offline is that access to the entire IC gets blocked because of one infringing canister. If the NNS decides to keep a hard line pro free speech and against taking down illegal content, then governments worldwide will start hunting down boundary nodes until the IC becomes as hard to reach as, say, Pirate Bay. Not exactly the level of adoption (or reputation) that many of us are hoping for.