OS streaming via IC for VR(and any other devices)

  1. I believe VR Headsets can replace all terminal equipment except for maybe smartphones.

  2. The main problem of glasses such as VR and AR is its battery capacity. To solve this problem, we can apply OS streaming(Like Windows 365). OS streaming can, of course, be applied to other devices(laptops, TV, etc.) too.

  3. The biggest problem of OS streaming is its high latency and lack of security. Therefore edge computing, not large-scale cloud computing, can be the solution to this. Especially, using an personal edge server will be the best option, since it ensures security and minimizes the latency by minimizing the physical distance of data transmission.

  4. However, the downside of an private edge server is that it has a larger amount of ‘waste time’(time not spent creating profit with the server resources) than a centralized server. So, if you can make some profit with your private server when you don’t use it, OS streaming using edge computer can become a trend.

  5. The method of profit creation can be crypto mining, or lending computing resources when I’m absent. To use this as a meaningful way of making profit, you should be able to stop this ‘profit making’ process at once when I wish to. If not, you’ll be able to use your computer only for a certain fixed schedule, and it will be very inconvenient.

  6. Now let’s expand our thoughts. If you can trust the security of the server of your neighbors, and if you can also tolerate a few milliseconds of additional latency, there’s no need for you to use your own server. You can always use OS streaming by using the closest server to you(your neighbors’ server for example), and the server host(whoever he is) can provide the server resources to the closest person in need.

  7. Understand that I didn’t fully understand ‘internet computer’ yet.

  8. I believe that ICP can become this platform if it 1) provides standard specification of core node machines that includes GPU like storage subnets, 2) uses the closest node, and modifies(optimizes) the protocol to shorten the latency to the level of ‘using neighbor’s computer’, 3) provides security enough to trust the ‘neighbor’s server’ like mine.

As OS streaming is an important feature, and as it helps activating ICP, I suggest registering this as a long term project if you believe these functions could be implemented.