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Thank you! Let me know please.

Hello. We have pushed out the change to return the total as a single data point:


Thank you. I would like to have also an endpoint for Disbursed Voting Rewards (ICP Minted from Maturity) always as a total value it it’s possible.

Why are there some endpoints where the API result seems to be limited at the beginning, even though the data shows up on the dashboard?
For example, the timestamp to start in 12/01/2021


Returns values from 1692057600 (08/15/2023).

Any way I can get this older data?

Hi @Fernando, the ICP Dashboard has never used that particular endpoint. Try this instead:

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/v3/canisters/ started to return {"code":500,"status":"Internal Server Error"}, more often for large offset

offset 10k OK
offset 100k ERROR

Are this APIs showing only the staked maturity into neurones? (The maturity re-staked)


While this shows only the stake (as we can see form the official dashboard)


I could not find any description … but as I understood what we see here: Neurons - ICP Dashboard it is only the stake not the staked maturity.

That’s correct.

Also correct.

That’s right, the Neurons page does not have charts that show staked maturity, though it’s something we’re considering adding in the future.

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Just to be sure, this shows only the “Staked” maturity, not the “Available” maturity. Right?
If it is so, would be nice to know also the Available maturity…


The NNS Governance canister doesn’t export available maturity (i.e., maturity that is not staked) broken down by dissolve delay, but you can get the total available maturity using That value is just the available maturity and does not include staked maturity.