Old-fashioned log files for my new Internet Computer Homepage

I did it. I created a static HTML website that is hosted out there in the wild on the Internet Computer. I’m comfortable updating it, viewing it, and sharing the link to it. Now, I want to look at the log files. I want to see which IP addresses have looked at it. I want to see which IPs have attacked it, and any other metric we can see from the current world deployment of a site using NGINX or Apache on a Linux server.

I’ve gone through each line of the dfx documentation. Nothing seems to give me ‘log-like’ feedback on how my site is doing out there. Is there something I haven’t seen in the Rust api/Motoko docs that could give me such feedback? Surely the Dfinity developers have a way to dig deep into any canister, and to monitor traffic to and from any canister. Is there a way for the canister owner to do it? How can I view the equivalent of a server log file for a canister I created and am currently paying for?

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I think a lot of people are using canistergeek or rolling their own solution.


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Wow. Fantastic. Thank you.