Now that Staking is fixed, can someone please help in adding more ICP to my neuron ID?

This is excellent info thanks mate.

Now here’s a couple of questions:

  1. If I staked my neuron for 8 years, can I just increase the dissolve delay every 6 months back out to 8years? If so I assume you could get a neuron age over 8 years old!
  2. When I spawn a neuron from Maturity will this impact or affect the age of the original neuron or is maturity a separate function to original neuron?
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Can’t have the command running on my Mac! It says “error: Found argument ‘–no-wallet’ which wasn’t expected, or isn’t valid in this context”.

Any idea on what’s going wrong? Would be nice I could run it myself but here are my details, would be awesome to if someone could execute the command for me!

principal Id: t2u5w-xamy3-wzf2u-bgfxx-wiv4h-mezc7-v6pbe-oblz4-bzzub-44qvv-vae
Memo: 5040378567644815886

  1. Technically, yes, you can do that. But by doing that, you’ll not get a neuron age over 8 years old. 2 reasons for that:

    • Neuron starts aging only at locked status, as long as you start dissolving, the age of neuron will be reset to 0.
    • When the maturity of a neuron has risen above a threshold, it can be instructed to spawn a new neuron. When a neuron spawns a new neuron, its maturity falls to zero, so it’ll not be 8 years old.
    • To achieve what you want, you may do like this: locked your neuron with setting 8 years dissolve delay, and do not start dissolving it. So, it’ll starts aging with the maximum 8 years dissolve delay, and there’s no need to increase the dissolve delay.
  2. When the maturity of a neuron has risen above a threshold, it can be instructed to spawn a new neuron. When a neuron spawns a new neuron, its maturity falls to zero.

    • The exact threshold value is not known, it seems to be controlled by algorithm.
    • Here’s an example: a neuron that contains 100 ICP and has a maturity of 10 percent can spawn a new neuron that contains 10 ICP in expectation. Newly spawned neurons have a dissolve delay of only one day, allowing the ICP locked inside to be easily retrieved if desired. Of course, the newly spawned neuron has an age of zero days.
    • Reference: Understanding the Internet Computer’s Network Nervous System, Neurons, and ICP Utility Tokens,「Algorithm」part.

There’s two fundamental and critical concept to understand staking & rewarding: Lock & Dissolve.

  • Lock the neuron, then they’ll be Locked status, so they can start aging. The older, the better reward.
  • Dissolve the neuron, then they’ll be Dissolving status, and their age will be reset to 0. Still, you can get reward, but it will be less since its age is 0.

The basic idea is, if you want more reward, you long and lock them, and there’s nothing else you need to do. By understanding this, I truly realize the simplicity and beauty behind this mechanism.

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Great info thanks mate!

Send a private message to @hpeebles


Your memo was wrong by the way, but I found the correct one here -

Then I ran this command and it refreshed the neuron -
dfx canister --network=mercury --no-wallet call governance claim_or_refresh_neuron_from_account ‘(record {controller=principal “t2u5w-xamy3-wzf2u-bgfxx-wiv4h-mezc7-v6pbe-oblz4-bzzub-44qvv-vae”; memo=8312538503409505771})’

The --no-wallet argument was introduced in DFX version 0.7.0 which I don’t think has been made generally available.
But you can still install it by running the following -
DFX_VERSION=0.7.0 sh -ci “$(curl -fsSL”

Or you may just be able to run the command without the --no-wallet arg but I’m not 100% sure on that one.

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Nice ! Thanks a lot! :smiley:

Can we have a dedicated increase stake button?

I finally heard back from Dfinity Support today and they have updated my neuron in the NNS app. They didn’t indicate if the solution was specific to my neuron or across the board. So if anyone is still having issues with their ICP showing up in their neuron after a transfer to an existing neuron, then I still suggest submitting a support ticket. I also read in a different thread (either in this forum or on reddit) that dfinity is working on an update tot he NNS app that will address this issue. Hopefully the issue is going to be broadly resolved soon.


I tried calling command line to refresh:

▶ dfx canister --network=mercury --no-wallet call governance claim_or_refresh_neuron_from_account '(record {controller=principal “uoxxr-i33aa-oqdxa-efquo-jznod-bdl7j-d52af-sdcyb-bkj46-xhpbj-hae”; memo=3106565063110009896})'c

I tried switching --network=mercury to --network=ic:

▶ dfx canister --network=ic --no-wallet call governance claim_or_refresh_neuron_from_account '(record {controller=principal “uoxxr-i33aa-oqdxa-efquo-jznod-bdl7j-d52af-sdcyb-bkj46-xhpbj-hae”; memo=3106565063110009896})'
Cannot find canister id. Please issue 'dfx canister --network ic create governance'.

What am I doing wrong? I feel like the missing step is that I’m not authenticated so may not have access to nns identity (I only did dfx new example and cd into it before calling this). How should I authenticate myself or if it’s not an authentication issue, how can I get to the point where I can execute the command myself to refresh neuron?


Hey @hpeebles what are the chances of the nns having a refresh button on the neuron page? Would tidy up the last of these headaches that’s for sure!


Yep! This is being worked on and should make its way to live over the next few days


@hpeebles - can you refresh it for me? My principal is “uoxxr-i33aa-oqdxa-efquo-jznod-bdl7j-d52af-sdcyb-bkj46-xhpbj-hae”.
As for memo, I’m not sure how to pick the right one from -

the latest transation seems to have 0?

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I’ve just refreshed it!

The memo needs to be taken from the first transaction to the neuron’s address.

In your case it is this transaction -


This will be amazing!

A new video guiding people through the process would be super beneficial especially after all these fixes have been deployed.

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@hpeebles is there any .did spec or documentation on this mystery method claim_or_refresh_neuron_from_account ?

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I am running into the same issues some guidance would be appreciated so that i can do this for myself in the future and not have to wait for tickets.

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@hpeebles Could i get you to refresh my neuron?
principal ID is: rhnl4-6v3wg-x3tnx-xgbja-l6rnu-7466q-6mlw3-hjher-qlyvk-udpmd-nae
memo : 17628823819525189901

If doubling the ICP stake of a neuron results in the maturity getting halved, what’s the benefit of topping up an existing neuron with more ICP?

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No extra benefit other than having all in a single location. But it should allow for easy handling. If you decide to change your followees in future for instance, you can do it all in a single place.

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