Non-profit public co-operation on the ic


Hello everyone and happy new year again,

Today, 1/3/2022, is the first working day in Kenya. According to the laws put in place in Kenya if a public holiday falls on the weekend it is carried over to the next working day for celebration. New Years of 2023 was on a Sunday hence Monday was a public Holiday. Today being a Tuesday is the first working day of the year and I wanted to set some public goals in hope that the larger community that is interested in experimenting the capabilities of IC can work along and with the projects that I would state below.

Everyone is welcome!

To begin, I suggest a meeting every weekend for a min of 2 hours zoom call, on the first week of the month.

The goals of the meeting cans be;

  1. Give updates

  2. Let everyones’ voice be heard

  3. Set goals and follow up on progress of work and projects that are in place.

This is different from the meeting that dfinity does that focus on tech. The soul purpose of this meetings would be to figure out how as a community can make positive change in the world while using the IC.

In the future for profit projects would be considered, but for now the meeting would lie under a non profit that would cater for those in need of humane services.

This is a good start of paving a way for people who don’t have resources and showing them how they can develop impactful projects on the IC.

To begin I would request for a discussion with legal experts and lawyers in different jurisdictions for advice on the best practices of running a non profit.

Then we can talk with different finance people about investment. Mind you this would be on a public zoom meeting that would be available for everyone. Not conversations behind closed doors.

For anyone willing to invest they would have to comply to their jurisdictions and have proof that they have talked to their officials in their jurisdictions. This would require a maybe signatures from bank managers that would have to be proved prior to the non profit accepting your donation. The goal here is to set high standards for people to follow in our footsteps and not fall flat on their face in the future while developing their own distinct platforms on the IC.

Now the non profit would most likely want to work in close proximity with dfinity to not only to attract more users to the project but also to boost innovation.

Some of the thoughts on how this can be achieved is by allowing the non profit to be included in the selection process for the hackathon competitions. That’s part of decentralization and having a voice in the IC community. By my recent post on New Years, a lot of you were interested in having multiple competitions in a year. And this non profit can take some of the work load off from dfinity. Maybe the dfinity team does not have time to go through 1000 projects. But the non profit can give them the top 50 or 100 for them to award resources to the winners.

Here are some of other goals that can be considered for the non profit…

  1. Maybe the first goal can be knowing each other, expressing our frustrations in getting in the IC, encouraging each other on a brighter and better future, talking about the hadles that we have faced and talking about future goals. This can be done in the first meeting of January.

  2. Maybe the second goal can be to form a website that is hosted on the IC where we can track progress. Where new users can register to be part of the meeting. And where we can put funds for the non profit. This would be similar to donating money. It is not an investment whatsoever. Please research on the limitations of making donations in your jurisdiction. Maybe this is something that can be discussed with lawyers are legal experts who would be nice to donate their time and expertise to the non profit to find the limitations in each jurisdiction. This meeting can take place in February.

  3. Maybe the third goal can be to do something more tangible. Like using the funds that are set in place to buy food for the hungry. Or help homeless people shelter. Or build a school in a disadvantaged community. All would be discussed on the third goal. If you are a developer, try going the whole day without food and then do coding or studying, and see how your performance would change. This is why this is important to include this services as part of the non profit. Again the non profit is not promising to solve world hunger although that would be nice. The non profit is just identifying a specific situation and trying to come up with a solution while working with the law in a specific jurisdiction. This would be the meeting of March.

  4. Maybe the forth goal is to capture the progress of the non profit community. Competitions can be held to see the capability of the non profit thus far. This would be the meeting discussion of April.

  5. Maybe the fifth goal is to see the limitations and set new goals of the non profit. This would be different from dfinity approach with focuses on tech. The main goal of the non profit is focus on social matters. Again this is not an investment but a donation. Whoever contributes would not be paid other than being recognized of being part of a philanthropy. This is a do at your leisure time kind of thing. No expectations, just fun experimental. This would be the goal of the month of May.

  6. Maybe a goal of say the 6th week of meeting would be to provide shirts with logo, and boots and a ball for youths in Ukraine to play soccer. We know with war and constant movement some of soccer and other athletes have not played sports due to war. This is are some of the small but trivial goals that can be included in the June discussion.

  7. Maybe the goal of the 7th week would be to set a node in Africa that is run by the non profit. This would require donation of funds for good will, and talking to the government in such a country to make sure the non profit does not overstep in anyone’s lane. Then other developers and investors can learn how to be law abiding and master the process of setting up a node and maintaining it. This would come with transparent costs of the process and a way to set up the machines that doesn’t compromise the security that dfinity has put in place. This would be the main discussion in July.

  8. Maybe the 8th goal can be to have a break hahahaha. And then three quarters of the year would have gone by.

  9. Maybe the 9th goal can be to provide breakfast for refugee students who go to school in say Lebanon. How can the non profit do that? Well, that is the point of the discussion. How can the nonprofit make it sustainable that those students have a meal before they sit in school for a whole day for the remainder of the year? This would be the main focus of discussion in August.

  10. Maybe the 20th goal is to boast vaccination. How can the non profit boost public health in communities. Often it comes with education, so how can the non profit educate the population about vaccination? Maybe it would be to boost a product that is built on the IC that focuses on public health education. Maybe it would be to have billboards on roads. Maybe it would be to print flyers? Maybe it would be to buy newspaper advertisement spaces. All that can be discussed on October.

At the beginning of November and December, majority of the world would have felt the influence of the IC community in one way or another. Then it would be easier to talk about points like Bitcoin integration because they would have seen a face of more than investment. If the non profit succeeds, then the non profit can do it again in the second year and the year after that and……And the rest would be history.

Everyone is welcome to the non profit meetings. The only requirement is that they should have a goal to make their community better by incorporating the good that the IC has to offer. No need for donation to participate, just a genuine will to help your community and we at the non profit would like to hear what you want to do to make your community better.

If there is anyone who would be better at doing public zoom meeting please take charge. And I don’t mind being alone in the first few meeting, just it would be better with people participating.