Nns proposal: enable a native wallet within the nns for storage of tokens via user import

We at TENDY hopes to bridge the gap of “meme tokens” and “utility” tokens by providing innovating defi vehicles on the internet computer.

We (tendy) propose the development of a basic wallet function that integrates various wallet standards on the Internet Computer.

This motion proposal will be the first of two. The second motion proposal will be to push code to enable a wallet similar to Plug or ICPSWAP/ICDex native wallet.

The key features of this wallet function include:.

  • Multi-Standard Support: The wallet will be designed to support multiple wallet standards, such as ICP, ckBTC $ eventually ckEthereum, and others, ensuring compatibility with different tokens and assets. The ic standards that should be available on the nns are: DIP20, EXT, ICRC1 etc.
  • The most important is that no token on the ic becomes depreciated, this native wallet should mimic those in popular dexs an and enable a user to import a canister id and standard, and the nns should interact with the ledger to call the token. Storage of an imported token can be supplemented by the ability to send and receive, this will bring confidence to user that they can rely on the nns as their main wallet,
  • User-Friendly Interface: The wallet function will provide an intuitive and user-friendly interface accessible through web and mobile applications. It will feature a streamlined design that simplifies the process of wallet creation, management, and asset transfers.
  • NATURAL EXTENSION OF THE NNS: this wallet should appear in the drop-down menu of the left hand side of the nns, and when it opens mimic same style of user interface for all tokens.
  • Utilizing the NNS as Secure and Private Storage: The Internet Identity and NNS provide a level of security and privacy that is extremely attractive. Allowing users to store, send and receive NFTs and Tokens DIRECTLY with the NNS is extremely attractive to the user base. This additional wallet functionality will not compete with other services, but will allow users to store send and receive tokens and nfts without needing to approve the internet identity to a dapp but rather just with their princple id.
  • Interoperability: The wallet function will facilitate seamless interoperability between different dApps and protocols within the IC ecosystem. It will support common standards like Internet Identity (II), token standards (dip20, ext, icrc1, icrc2, etc), and interoperability frameworks (like ICP-ETH bridge) to enable easy transfer of assets. With the eventuality of ETHEREUM Integration, this will help new adopters to the ic ecosystem utilize a trusted wallet with their newly minted chain key Ethereum

This proposal will enable the native wallet, and $TENDY (canister: 72uqs-pqaaa-aaaak-aes7a-cai standard: DIP20) will be the first token visible.

Below is some information about tendys.

DAPPS & canisters:


https://6pquh-zqaaa-aaaap-abgaq-cai.icp0.io (in development)


$TENDY is listed on ICPSWAP & SONIC swap, with functionality enabled on DSCVR to receive, send and hold.
We are listed on ICPCOINS.com 4 (sns proposal #54)

We are in negotiations with Seachan for a gated board for our token holders.

TENDY team is in close contact with other projects around the internet computer and strives to be available to our users on as many platforms as possible.

Multiple Liquidity Pools:

Tendys will support the creation of multiple liquidity pools to enhance liquidity and facilitate smooth trading experiences for investors. These liquidity pools will be established in collaboration with reputable decentralized exchanges, ensuring a secure and seamless environment for trading Tendys and other compatible cryptocurrencies. These pools also offer users potential arbitrage opportunities, and holding TENDY tokens opens up a world of trading within the Tendyverse.

Burning Liquidity Pool NFTs:

To foster trust and demonstrate our commitment to the community’s well-being, Tendys will adopt a unique approach. The team has blackholed and burned certain liquidity pool NFTs, eliminating the possibility of rug pulls or sudden liquidity drainage. These “burned” lp pools can be viewed here:
NFTgeek - Analytics tool for IC NFTs 1
NFT analytics tool. IC NFT minting and transactions data, holders, listings, trends, floor price chart - all in realtime.

The numbers go as follows:
66 ICP / 6930 TENDY
10,000 ICYPEES / 2000 TENDY
1 DKP / 809 TENDY
.00052 ckBTC/ 52 TENDY
Have been locked into liquidity thus far.

This equals slightly more than 10% of all TENDYS in existence being locked into lp.

Community Development and Engagement:

At the core of Tendys’ success lies a strong, engaged community. The dev team is active on Twitter, and the public Telegram: @icTendies Telegram: Contact @icTendies 2

Tendys was born out of the desire to provide a seamless and comprehensive user experience. The development team are not funded by dfinity and have received no grants thus far. All burned lp has been directly out of dev teams pockets.

An example of high quality community produced art is the Tendy song which was created by Nigerian artist stenzory. Despite no promise of rewards, the artist used his own funds, time, and energy to create a beautiful song: Headliner

This nns proposal will benefit the entire IC defi ecosystem.

This will also allow users to import and hold send and receive their own tokens, thus negating the need for every induvidual project to have to go through an nns sale to be held within the nns.

I have several tokens and NFTs from airdrops “stuck” in my NNS and can’t do anything with it.

A basic wallet with import functionality would really help.

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We will be going live later tonight.

Hi @Newtolearn

I left a response to this proposal in the other thread here.

TLDR: there is ongoing work on wallet standards.


I’m not sure I fully understand this proposal. Are you proposing to change the NNS front end dapp to support other token interfaces than the ICRC standard, or are you talking about some other wallet?

The second motion proposal will be to push code to enable a wallet similar to Plug or ICPSWAP/ICDex native wallet

So would you guys submit this second proposal? What would it do exactly? What kind of proposal would it be? Is the code already available?

Yes sir. we are proposing to change the nns front end dap by adding a sub wallet within the nns where users can import canister ids and see their tokens.

We can produce some code but it is substandard and would likely need to be improved.