NNS improvements

Unless the security of the internet identity changes to it being suitable for neuron management of high value, I would be loath to use the NNS DAPP for neuron management. Currently it( internet identity) is not secure as per conclusions in this topic here(Internet Identity Lack Of Security) as the custodian of significant store of value.

For the tech savvy, there is a way to circumvent this expiration of followee every three months through the means that has been demonstrated here(Auto Merging without NNS Dapp). While that topic is about auto-merging, the underlying mechanisms can be used to automatically add followee say every 2.8 months; thereby completely defeating the expiring followees mechanism. This will be exactly the mechanism that I will follow if I am forced to.

It seems draconian to force non-tech savvy people to use an insecure mechanism for continuously updating the followees every three months.

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There would be a lot to be gained by having a lot of followers early on right, ones that may just forget about who they followed. That power would amass and centralise to the early default follow neurons.

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