NNS dapp “Canister” tab is live - Svelte rewrite done ✅

As you may know we were rewriting iteratively the NNS dapp frontend (related post for more details).

We first converted the sign-in screen, then migrated the tabs “Voting” in April (related post) followed by the two other tabs “Accounts” and “Neurons” two weeks ago (related post).

Today is the final milestone of this migration process! Thanks to notably the tremendous work of my colleague @lmuntaner, the new version of the NNS dapp that has been proposed on mainnet introduces the “Canister” features rewritten in Svelte.

Therefore, NNS-dapp is now entirely rewritten in Svelte (woohoo :partying_face:).

Such achievement is quite something for our team. It is also the foundation for what comes next.

In following weeks we plan to improve the UX by proposing a more comprehensive navigation (“menu” vs “tabs”) and also support theming (“light skin”).

Features wise, we are going to invest effort and focus on the Service Nervous Systems (SNS).

For all these above subjects, we will share some more details here on the forum within next few days. We might even share a clickable sneak peek of the UI/UX improvements :wink:.

Let me know if you have questions or observations and as always, I am looking forward to your feedback.

P.S.: The Flutter app still exists in the canister, that’s why you might notice time to time a redirect when you sign-in. We plan to remove it, clean our CI and deprecate the /v2/ route in the next few weeks.

As for previous milestones, we did not change the UI/UX of the “Canister” tab. Only difference you might notice is the fact that IDs are not repeated anymore. We discussed the ability to identify canister with names but decided to propose this feature for later on but it is definitely in our plan. As a user of NNS-dapp myself, I often request such feature, there is no way I would forget.

This release also solve the issue #440 - Canister detail disappear.


I guess i missed the reason behind why switching from Flutter to Svelte…could you please…

Here’s the original discussion for the move: Network Nervous System Dapp is Moving to Svelte