Neuron transfer

Hi there I am new here and not familiar with the platform. Is it possible to transfer neurons from one person to another if they are locked for 8 years ?

No, transferring neurons is not possible, no matter the lockup period

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Hi, yes it is possible. It requires you using IDgeek which is not made by Dfinity.

Hi - thanks. Can a private key be transferred to someone else and then changed ? Is there a mechanism for transferring or selling locked tokens that are controlled by a private key rather than an internet identity and then changing the private key so the previous owner doesn’t have possible access to the tokens ?

The container can control neurons, and IDgeek can sell II. It’s time to open up neuron transfer. Each transfer pays a 1% transaction fee, which will be directly burned. In the long run, this is very beneficial

Private keys can be transferred, but not changed. So you can’t securely transfer e.g. hardware identities