Neuron lockup time

Some questions on Neuron lockup and ICP:

  • Do we know what the relationship between lockup time, neuron age, and rewards looks like?

  • How are rewards issued, continuously or on an interval?

Besides voting powers and icp rewards, are there other benefits to locking icp in neurons?

Can icp voting power be used on multiple governance proposals or just one? Ie if there are multiple votes on going, does using voting power on one proposal prevent it from being used in another proposal?

What are the types of votes that neurons are expected to vote on? Is there a penalty for not voting?

What are the criteria for proposals to pass?

Besides voting on proposals, do neurons vote on anything else or participate in any other network role?


There are details soon to come out that will answer all of these, they’re good questions! It won’t be long now.


Is the team ready to open source now?