National ID needed to open an account?

…OK, so I’m very new to all this blockchain/cryptocurrency type of stuff, just wanna know - is it neccessary to give a “national ID” to the system somehow, in order to open, you know a MONEY account? Here in India, this would be Aadhaar, in other places I suppose you could have a passport no. or driver’s license, or YOUR national ID, if you’ve got one.
The reason I ask is because, say I buy something from someone, and that guy cheats me. Now I have to get the money back. That guy simply opens a NEW cryptocurrency account WITHOUT any ID, transfers my money into it, and…absconds! We need to have a tap into ANY MONEY THAT GUY CAN EVER HAVE, ACROSS ALL " BANKS" or “WALLETS”, or what have you, if I am to get my money back (obviously!) So - has this been effected in the cryptocurrency system, like Bitcoin or Ethereum or whatever?