Multi canister deployment issues

Hi all:

I have a set of code with two mains
An ui and a back end. The ui all is sent in the canister_ids.json to go to one Address, the back end is set to split the .Mo files into three canister addresses.
When deployed, the front end deploys to the correct address but the back end seems not too. In the nns I can see that the UI canister is holding data, but the three other cansiters read 0.0 data and when I try to query them w candid I get errors.

Does this mean there is an issue in the .json with my back end?

I’d like to help, but it’s a bit hard to figure things out from your description. Would you mind showing things a bit more concretely? I’d love to see the canister definitions in dfx.json, your canister_ids.json. Feel free to use bogus canister IDs if you don’t want to make those public