Motion to change name from sns-1 to vision 2030

Since the launch of the SNS-1, the community has been trying to find a way forward. I stand with majority of the community in acknowledging and accepting the hard work that was done by the development team. Moving forward, community participation is required to rectify the mistakes that were made at launch of the SNS-1 project.

To start, the project needs a new name that can bring together developers, project enthusiasts and future investors.

SNS-1 can be renamed to VISION 2030.

Why VISION 2030?

  1. First, we would highly want as a community to extend the culture of 8 year gang; within this generation and the generations that come after.

SNS-1 was born in 2022 and hence 2030 lies after 8 years.

  1. Motoko, the native language for the IC logo is designed to have glasses. That would make it easier for new developers in the near future to understand this vision.
    While they learn and develop their projects, they are likely to refer back and see why, how and what happened to VISION 2030.

  2. VISION 2030 is all inclusive name within all cultures of the word; it is easily understandable.

A problem with naming in the scientific community, especially in chemistry and biology comes when scientists named compounds and processes after themselves; what arises are complex names that students decades after would not memorize.

  1. Upon acceptance of a proposal to change the name from SNS-1 to VISION 2030, the community can see how true decentralization works.
    ie, working as a community. Some people work on the immediate software, some work on the token in place, some by voting and some by just making simple contributions. What would emerge is a masterpiece like never seen before; it’s worth a shot :100:

  2. This is the best time. After a tough year we need some light at the end of the tunnel.
    This would allow communities to celebrate yearly anniversaries of their Vision 2030 in December.
    VISION 2030 can be used to gauge the performance of the community; ie matters such as decentralization on a yearly or timely basis can be celebrated to see how far the community has come or endure.

  3. The goal of SNS -1 was to be a dress rehearsal and fun. Vision 2030 is not complex. It can be made to fit multiple projects that would come after.

  4. Finally, if the community can not rename SNS-1 what else can they do? This is a good start for community collaboration.

  5. WHAT IS YOUR VISION 2030? (all inputs considered)

So I genuinely ask the community… what would you like your VISION 2030 to be? Would you Vote yes for a motion proposal to change the name from SNS-1 to VISION 2030? As the wise words from our elders state “the best day to start was yesterday, today it might be too late and tomorrow is not promised”.
I genuinely encourage community members to Vote YES TO THE PROPOSAL and respond to this motion as your participation is highly appreciated and encouraged; WHAT IS YOUR VISION 2030?