Is it possible to participate in the NNS Launchpad via command line interface?

I was wondering how the person botted the SNS-1 launch. I don’t really understand how one could do this with so many accounts in such a quick time with basically no failure rate if they were just using chrome driver automation type of stuff. I know a small amount so maybe I’m just ignorant. I’m just curious if it’s a possibility to use the launchpad via CLI because I have researched that it is possible to use the CLI for all other NNS functionalities. If this were true, it would mean that a simple captcha would not stop the bots.

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Hi @ewebb6 ,
yes, you are right, it is possible to participate in the SNS decentralization sale with CLI tools too. You should be able to do so via dfx or also with a tool that was made for this, called sns-quill.

If this were true, it would mean that a simple captcha would not stop the bots.

I agree, only adding something to the frontend would not prevent this.

Note that the design wanted to allow people to interact with the canisters in various ways. Especially, as other might also want to build a frontend that integrates with these canisters.


Yeah that makes perfect sense!

Can you please share a guide of how to do so in the future if possible?

One CLI tool to interact with the SNS is sns-quill, which you can find here.
It includes a README which includes example commands to interact with SNS governance and SNS ledger.

I don’t immediately see whether we described how to interact with the sale on a CLI, but if there is interest we can add this.

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Sorry to bother you, but I’m new to ICP. I do experience in CLI but I’m just confused on how to get the CLI env set up for ICP to use quill and sns-quill. Are there resources on how to do this? I looked over the github for hours but there’s just vague instructions like “download the latest binaries from this release”. Also I’m unsure of the different resources I need to download. I know I need rust and the dfx SDK but yeah it’s a little confusing.

If someone could help me out, I’d love to make a tutorial on how to set up the env for the average person and post it here

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For quill and sns-quill you simply download the binaries, make them executable, and then you’re good to go if you have a private key file (.pem) to point at. For dfx, you install it the way it’s described in almost every guide and then import the PEM file as an identity using dfx identity import.

For the interaction needed to participate in the sale I’m not sure, but this page contains a lot of hints.


@ewebb6 The snsdemo interacts with the sns purely via CLI. You may find that a useful starting point for a demo. Here is the CI test that installs a complete set of canisters on a local replica, then creates an SNS, buys tokens and finalizes th esale. snsdemo/run.yml at main · dfinity/snsdemo · GitHub