iOS terminal options for sdk download and dfx deployment

Does anybody know of a terminal app for iOS on an iPad that allows running of curl commands to download the sdk and deploy the dfx? Is it possible to launch canisters and upload data to canisters via iOS?

I’m not familiar with the iOS space so I can’t recommend an app.

I suppose so, but I imagine it would be a painful endeavour. Or are there nice IDEs for iOS?

It seems there are a few paid apps that replicate the terminal but idk if they can interact directly with iOS file systems. There are ssh terminal type apps (prompt2 for example) and there are some people online saying if you “jailbreak” your iOS device you can use a terminal substitute. I am more specifically looking to see if anybody had done this, as I do most of my coding on an iPad and imo it would open the doors for new developers to interact with the IC space without need for a laptop/desktop.