Include messages inside ICP transactions

Hi, I wonder if there’s a way to include messages inside ICP token transactions, like you can do it in ETH transactions, where you can put data (HEX code) inside a transaction, which will be carved into the blockchain forever. For example, there could be data about the purpose of the transaction, or a quote to someone, etc.

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You can add a memo (Nat64)

That you can pass to any transaction; then use notify_dfx ( ) to emit the transaction information (example of use case: Marketplace that generates an unique Order ID (Nat64), you pay and pass the Order ID as a memo; then notify the Marketplace canister of this transaction - which execute the order after checking the ICPts amount & co )


Example :

Memo is 18414336472216572408

mmm, thanks for your response, but I don’t think this is what I was asking for. I’ve seen memo, but you can include just numbers there, not some other data. As I’ve mentioned, in ETH transactions you could include some text HEX encoded, where you could write a message.

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