ICSwap token cannister ID

How do I add for example Windoge98 EXE on to ICSwap?

Its asking for a Cannister ID but i have no idea where to find this information.

Ive swapped into EXE but don’t have the EXE token added to my wallet.

Step by step guide would be helpful.


When you go to the ICSwap swap, click on the default token dropdown (which should be ICP). Then search EXE.

The Canister ID is the unique identifier displayed as five groups of five seemingly random letters that right next to the token name. You can hover over the series of letters to get the full canister ID.

In this case, it is rh2pm-ryaaa-aaaan-qeniq-cai.

CC: @bitbruce

Thank you for the information.

I guess this has to be done on a computer?

I tried adding on my mobile phone ICP widget.

It showed the token but not the cannister ID.

Is this the situation with mobiles rather than using a pc/laptop?


I’ve just realised my mobile needs to be positioned in landscape to open the screen further which shows the cannister ID.

Thanks again