ICRC1/2 wrap development timeline

Are there any current plans or bounty’s to offer a wrap of these token standards for DIP20 tokens?
Would it take an adjustment of the current wicp code or a whole new architecture?
This seems like an impressive way to link the “old” ic ecosystem with the “new” ic ecosystem.

This thread has some good info

But the ability to wrap tokens with new functionality would be a great benefit imo.

I’d assume most DIP20 tokens aren’t blackholed and can be upgraded. Hence, I assume it would make more sense to add the ICRC-1 interface. But happy to hear thoughts from devs who are deeper into this.

Now this is brilliant!
We had been toying with adding a memo function. There is a thread below where it was discussed adding a memo and thing adding a function to null it?
Maybe someone else has an insight on how this would be done.
Thread is below: