ICP - $750 to $13, What Went Wrong?

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not sure this forum can handle this edgelord, the truth hurts

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hey…relax it’s the weekend…take it easy…what ever fuck up ( or maybe not) you think you made is already done. Just take your Girlfriend or Boyfriend out for a drink, get a massage, eat or something. stop watching CMC. you are not going to influence anybody in this forum. Smart people hang around here!!


I believe it is a valid discussion. But in my view, we are far from post-mortem. Development is happening.

We -as a community attached to the ICP network and its potentials- should keep focus on testing current functionalities and proposing/discussing possible improvements to every aspect.

Meanwhile, we should keep working on improving public awareness on ICP and its related features. The BTC integration is a great example of what will be unique to the ICP network.

oh wow… integration with grandpa coin. so amazing. so wow

maybe get a dex or token launched first, but dfinity wont build anything and expects everyone else to. dfinity employees are weak and leak information when they feel like it

Lol! Yes, Dfinity expects the community to build all the apps. That is the model of IC. If you are having a hard time understanding this, well…rtfm.

The demand for ICP (reverse gas model) is that devs will buy ICP and convert into cycles to fund their projects. More projects , more demand for cycles , more demand for ICP.

Don’t understand the term “dfinity employees are weak”? How do you measure strength? Benchpress, boxing power , sprinting? What?


Time will tell, just take it easy. I believe 4 years time will tell us everything, if you invested, you need to understand it first, if go to zero, that’s our fate, if go to the moon, you will need to have patience to hodl as well. From the day I invested it, I will keep it till it go to the moon or maybe go to zero…

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Short icp, make $$$. Nothing went wrong on my end Ser!

“grandpa coin” lol, that was amazing! (…) Please, think a bit more about what BTC represents to the ecosystem. Think about how Defi is working on web2.0, and how it will become way more secure when BTC gets integrated within the ICP chain.

The integration is already happening. A new subnet will have it working on test mode this week. What does it mean: You will be able to have your own BTC address, living inside the ICP blockchain. No one will have access to the BTC address key (i.e. you will not have to worry that your wallet key could be stolen due to security weakness from wallet operators.).

The BTC key will be split and encrypted, living within the ICP subnets. Look into the major Defi hacks from past months/years … involving Billions of investor money… This is huge. Please, look deeper into those detail. And let’s keep talking here. I hope you see what ICP is up to.