IC_Maximillion - Suspended Twitter Account / Introduction

Hello IC People

IC_Maximillion here. Was scrolling through the Dfinity Forum for a while now and finally decided to create a account. My twitter account got suspended over 1 month ago (read mode only), it was a pretty small account mainly known for posts like these below.

Account was suspended probably due to lots of appropriate shilling of ICP ,( posting link to internetcomputer.org below some of Elon`s tweets was probably the straw that broke the camels back) :smile: Well…

Big fan and follower of DFINITY and the Internet Computer Protocol - ever since i got in to crypto and first heard of it last september almost 1 year ago. Since then its been almost daily research and repetition. As a new guy to everything, it took about 8 months of research and repetition to feel comfortable and feel at home with the knowledge about the Internet Computer, and these were just the basics and surrounding the basics. Proud to be on board this early and here to stay. :love_you_gesture:


Welcome to the IC community, IC_Maximillion

My own discovery & education timeline of blockchain platforms and the Internet Computer in particular is similar to yours. 1 year in and it has been a very interesting intellectual and social journey so far!


Welcome to the forum. Feel free to interact with any post may that be technical or not. X is a platform known for “CryptoSpace” but the main community as far as I see it still uses the forum to interact. The discord is great for new users specially the ones who try out building on IC may that be with local replica and Motoko or Rust or the playground, many active members check it and you get answers pretty quick for any issue that you have. So a daily look at the last forum posts keeps you up to date with what is really happening in the IC ecosystem.


Thanks for the welcome.
Thats great to hear. I wish you the best in this journey and on to the next exciting year!

Thanks for the welcome.
Yeah X was also great to keep up to date, and i enjoyed posting, liking tweets and communicating with some of the community over there. Its been over 1 month, i doubt they will unsuspend it again but who knows.
But this forum right here is more serious and on point, and as you sayd everything one needs to know to keep up to date. I appreciate it, thanks.

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