How will Genesis requirements be triggered?

is it automatic or manual ? anyone can show the details?

The Mercury milestone now puts the Internet Computer on a short path to a final “Genesis” decentralization step, which involves the NNS releasing ICP utility tokens to holders in the form of voting neurons, which will occur after it processes a trigger proposal, possibly within Q1 2021. Once Genesis requirements are triggered, more than 50,000 ICP utility token holders will either begin participating in network governance or dissolve their voting neurons to release the ICP tokens inside, converting them into cycles to power computation or transferring them, however best suits their purpose.

More detail about when (and how) Genesis will occur is provided further down in the same article you’re citing from.

yeah , i known WHEN, but not know HOW.

Anyone can submit a proposal to the NNS to trigger the genesis event that will be voted on. But it is unlikely that this proposal will get through if the milestones mentioned here aren’t reached yet:
● DFINITY Foundation releasing all related source code into the public domain
● Release of technical and design information pertaining to ICP including full descriptions
of the Chain Key cryptography and protocol math
● Successfully pass additional security audits and stress tests
● Release of additional technical features that enhance the developer experience
● Release of an end-to-end “open internet service” sample dapp in the form of CanCan, an
open version of TikTok, to assist entrepreneurs in bootstrapping their projects
● Dissemination of detailed information about the physical Internet Computer network and
its participants
● Provision of support services for third parties wishing to supply node machines or
participate in network build out
● Provision of detailed information about the newly formed Internet Computer


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