How to use $34,000 to conduct a spam proposal attack on NNS. (I will not implement this attack at the moment)

You are really smart for a high school kid @ysyms. :smiley:. I really appreciate your engagement in governance discussions and the effectiveness of the tactics you have chosen to stimulate discussion. Well played!

I’m not sure if you have seen it yet, but @justmythoughts started a forum topic discussion two days ago that I think has some really good ideas as well. The two ideas that have surfaced that I think have high potential for developing into a good solution to this type of attack include:

  1. Allocate 75% of total voting rewards each day to Governance participation on a 21 day rolling average (since we don’t have governance proposals daily). This way it doesn’t matter how many proposals are submitted or if there is a proposal submitted every day. I’d be curious if @johan or others at Dfinity have already considered this idea.
  2. When a proposal is submitted to the NNS, a new forum Governance topic is created automatically on the forum with a minimum deliberation time period requirement (potentially set by the proposal lead). Then after the deliberation time, the proposal lead is required to submit a follow up proposal (potentially a revision) to the NNS in order for it to become active for voting. I’m sure there are other variations that would make sense, but this gets at the need for deliberation. It doesn’t have to be the current forum, but that is what we have available at this time and makes sense for now.

I’m interested in your thoughts on how to improve decentralization if motion proposal weights are reduced. What would drive people to follow anyone other than Dfinity? How can Dfinity and our IC community escape accusations of centralization if more public known neurons don’t step up to the task of representing the community (and not follow other public known neurons) and people are not incentivized to follow them? You clearly have given a lot of thought to the governance system, so I’m curious what you think are solutions to that problem.

By the way, I agree with your assessment that the proposal to reset default following for All Topics Except Governance does not address spam attacks that are initiated for the purpose of community announcements or advertising. That proposal only removes the incentive for spam proposals by anyone who wants higher voting rewards with the current system.