How do i set up a custom domain?

Hey i am completly new to setting up http request, opening gateways and such. i have been reading docs . ive come far but im stuck.
i am currently trying to install a service worker. but theres a requirement for node and npm. im programing in wsl2 and for some reason nvm could not recognise node directory. now the problem is npm i cant seem to be to upgrade it to 8.5. I tried multiple things i googled but i cant pass 8.11.0. ihavent found source that v8.5.0 is out yet
does any one know how i can upgrade npm.
even better would be a stupidly simple guide for setting up a custom domain.
these are my refrenses til now the all similar and im stuck on all of em at the same place;
if it helps the dapp is done and already running live
there are two different dapps that work together, one is a wallet and token contract the other is the main website

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thanks that’ll do.i’ll be waiting. right now i cant follow cause i dont know anything about it.