Help us fill out the wiki!

Hi there,

We are working on the wiki and we have a new glossary page. Are there any terms or words you would find helpful to have defined? If so, please propose a copy change or even just reply to this thread.

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Maybe a “Who is who” about folks developing/working key infrastructure, applications, cryptographic algorithms…

Can you elaborate a bit more? Do you mean names of people who worked on key things?

So, we have concepts (your glossary) and people/groups/companies/foundations (the “who is who”). Concepts are created/maintained by people/groups/companies/foundations. The “who is who” would be this list of people/groups/companies/foundations. So when we create a new entry, we link concepts from the concept list with people/groups/companies/foundations from the “who is who” list. If the concept of entity does not exist then is added.

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This is great! I didn’t know what “induction pool” was until reading this.

Maybe you could add something basic like “Motoko” as well? Many of these terms seem to be more on the implementation side, as opposed to the developer API side. Not sure if that is the intention.