Gambling specific subnet

While at the community conference at the casino it dawned on me that there is no reason icp shouldn’t be hosting gambling.

Only reason we can’t do it is because some subnets are in places where gambling is illegal.

Can we host a subnet that is automatically geo blocked to USA and other sensitive countries?

Gambling on ICP?


… betbase exists…There are already gambling platforms sir

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Hey @alejandrade - the subnet itself is made of nodes that are usually spread all over.

AFAIK for gambling it’s not simply about where things are hosted but that you are not supposed to be allowed access depending on your local laws. The boundary nodes (currently run by the DFINITY foundation) restrict access to gambling canisters based on the client’s location.

Like @Newtolearn mentioned there are already gambling canisters on the IC. HTTP access to them through the and gateways is restricted based on the client locale.


Hi @diegop has been restricted in the US (by Dfinity run boundary nodes). On their site, they have very simple dice game but VaultBet, who have sports betting, and a lottery game (which is highly illegal in the US and you cant actually get a licence for) is still accessible??

Can you or Dfinity clarify what’s going on here and most importantly, why is one site getting preferential treatment, over another?

why is one site getting preferential treatment, over another?

I need to investigate, but I suspect that there is no preferential treatment, but rather the latter one you mentioned just had not been reported (until now). I will pass both to the team working on boundary nodes. They work off what is flagged to them.

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The process to report a website is simple:

user emails and explains why site goes against Boundary Node code of conduct.

The VaultBet canisters were added to the Geoblocking denylist in order to prevent DFINITY boundary nodes from serving content from these canisters to US and Swiss users.

Users can submit canister takedown requests by emailing Guidelines are available on the Boundary Node code of conduct.