Exceeded cycles limit for single message execution in local

I have “exceeded cycles limit for single message execution” error:

Dfx: 0.9.3
Env: local


const result = await actor.commit_batch({
      batch_id: parseInt(batchId),
      operations: [
          CreateAsset: {
            key: "KEY",
            content_type: "image/jpeg",
            SetAssetContent: {
              key: "KEY",
              sha256: [],
              chunk_ids: chunkIds,
              content_encoding: "identity",


public shared({caller}) func commit_batch(
        a : AssetStorage.CommitBatchArguments,
    ) : async () {
        switch (state.isAuthorized(caller)) {

It doesn’t even reach the Debug on the Service.

If I only use the CreateAsset variant for operations it works. I’m pretty lost on how to debug or solve this issue.