Embedding hash smart contract in image , video

Has any group managed to embed a hash of a smart contract in an image , video via smart phone including a GPS based location ?


Here is an AI generated code to give some meaning .
Here is some sample code in Motoko for the Internet Computer that embeds a hash of a smart contract into an image to track delivery of goods using GPS:
Is this acceptable.


import Nat "mo:base/Nat";
import Hash "mo:base/Hash";
import Text "mo:base/Text";
import Blob "mo:base/Blob";
import Gps "canister:gps";

actor {

  public type CustomerInfo = {
    name: Text;
    address: Text;
    orderId: Nat;

  stable var customers : [(Nat, CustomerInfo)] = [];

  public shared({caller}) func addCustomer(info: CustomerInfo) : async () {
    let uid = customers.size();
    customers := Array.append([(uid, info)], customers);

  public query func getCustomer(id: Nat) : async ?CustomerInfo {
    return Array.find<CustomerInfo>(customers, func (x) { x.0 == id });

  public shared({caller}) func deliveryComplete(id: Nat) : async () {
    switch (getCustomer(id)) {
      case null return;
      case (?customer) {
        // Get current GPS location
        let location = await Gps.getCurrentLocation();
        // Hash the delivery details
        let payload = Blob.toArray(Text.encodeUtf8(
          "Delivery to " # customer.name # " at " # customer.address # " completed at " # 
          Nat.toText(location.latitude) # "," # Nat.toText(location.longitude)
        let hash = Hash.hash(payload);
        // Embed hash into delivery confirmation image
        let image = embedHashInImage(hash);
        // Send image to customer

  func embedHashInImage(hash: [Nat8]) : Blob {
    // Embed hash data into image

    return imageBlob; 


This defines a simple actor that stores customer information, gets their current GPS location when a delivery is completed, hashes the delivery details, embeds the hash into an image, and then sends the image to the customer. The key parts are:

  • Storing customer details in a stable variable
  • Retrieving GPS location from a GPS canister
  • Hashing the delivery details
  • Embedding the hash into the image
  • Sending the image to the customer

The image with the embedded hash can act as a receipt proving successful delivery. The customer can verify the details in the hash match what they ordered. This allows tracking deliveries on a tamper-proof ledger on the Internet Computer.

Have a potentially large application that requires a group formation to achieve outcome .
Is there a good method to bring together a group with people with the right skills to develop ?