Draw on the Internet Computer

:rocket: As a fun showcase, I built a hand-drawn like diagrams sketching dapp on the IC with Juno over the weekend.

It implements hosting with a custom domain, user authentication, data persistence, and file storage on the IC.

Give it a try yourself: :point_right: https://icdraw.com

For those interested in the code, the project is, of course, open source: :point_right: https://github.com/peterpeterparker/icdraw



Noice :grinning: pretty useful for demo. Will use this on the 28, just maybe a powered by IC logo somewhere ?

It was also useful to “dogfood” Juno usage in Web Workers. It helped me discover and resolve an issue and I can say now that it works like a charm in that context too. :smiley:

On the 28?

Yeah not qualified for Juno just yet, sorry next local meetup streaming code&state deep dive for teh ETH gang, was running out of options to showcase. :grinning:

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